How are your employees doing? 6 ways you can help

by Ana Lopez

Support mental and emotional health

Employers with employee support programs (EAP) find they have lower absentee rates and health care costs, as well as more productive workplaces – which can help with burnout and stress for both employees and owners.1 Many EAPs contain various mental and emotional health supports, such as:

· Help with informal care — for example, finding childcare or elderly care
· Family counseling
· Grieving and crisis intervention

Owners and employees alike often need updates on the existence, value and access of EAPs, said Kara Hoogensen, senior vice president of Specialty Benefits at Principal. Fortunately, there’s a decreasing stigma around EAPs, especially among younger generations: it’s not a problem for millennials.2
“It comes down to creating an environment where employees are best positioned to do their best work,” says Hoogensen. “When employees feel supported both on and off work, they have more thinking space available to deliver great results.”

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