Home is not always heaven

by Ana Lopez

Cover Story – Varsha Adalja

Suddenly one day Suvarna started packing clothes in a bag and started preparing to go to study in the hostel. Mother was shocked. Elder sister Asha also persuaded her not to go but Suvarna was stubborn. Two daughters of a poor widow. big hope Little Suvarna. Asha is small in size and included. The appearance is normal and the gold is very silvery and bold. Both sisters are friends of Jigarjan. Always together and together. Ma calls him Riddhi Siddhi.
At one time, both of them are studying on scholarship while staying in the hostel. Now that she has returned home, her mother is worried. Advice from relatives. How long will you save the age-worthy daughter? If the house is destroyed in time, it will be good, then it will be difficult to find a good boy. Mother now pays to arrange elder daughter Asha first. Idol viewing is arranged, preparations are made. Idols and relatives come to see Asha at home. There is no Ram in Murtia. Normal in every way and how clever of Asha!
But what happens! Idols and relatives do not like hope. Is included! Then the continuation. Nanaio comes from wherever Ma starts talking. Very disappointed.
Once Suvarna has fallen asleep, mother and aunt talk in the night, when we talk about hope, people like Suvarna. Ma’s heart is touched. Believe it or not, two daughters are dear. If Nani Suvarna decides to get married, there is no hope left. If the little one is done before everyone else, why is the hope not arranged?
Suvarna has heard the talk. He is very sad that his sister is not getting married because of himself. He finds a solution. She does not tell anyone at home.
But suddenly Suvarna prepares, I have to study further and goes to stay in hostel. He has in his mind that when he comes to see Asha, she is not in the house, otherwise the fate of Asha will be arranged. No one knows the real reason, so seeing Suvarna filling the bag, Ma gets very angry and tells Suvarna.
Selfishness, selfishness, since childhood, he has seen nothing but that, right! Even if someone’s heart is hurt, he really cares about it! It’s brutal.
My words pierce it like a sieve but it has to go. He goes out of the house with the stamp of selfishness and ruthlessness on his forehead.
Dhirubhan Patel is the author of this classic, sensitive story of Gujarati literature. This is the story of a girl born with the curse of dark skin who is very intelligent, loving but just because she is dark in color the young man who has no place in himself refuses to marry Asha.
The story ends with Suvarna walking out of the house.
But the fact begins. This is a bit of a thing these days! In earlier times, after obtaining horoscopes and getting married (today, the planets-constellations-stars determine the fate of the earthlings from many light years away. The business of astrologers is booming) at home, Murtio would take an army of idols to visit the place (now a meeting is arranged in the club) and arrange the girl among everyone. was seated. Murtiya used to go and carry various types of snacks like prasad to indulge his army. Most of the families then were joint families. If there were other daughters to take care of in the house, she would be sent there to other relatives. And Rupali sisters were not allowed to move near Murtia.
When daughter Mani Kookhe was born, her fate was decided. If it is pink, then it will definitely bloom, so the parents will laugh. Now it will not be difficult to locate it. If Shyamali is a brunette, she keeps listening to what is going on in the house since childhood, where will this be! Who will shake hands?
This will happen to you yesterday.
So let’s talk about today.
Go through the matrimonial advertisements in the newspaper while sipping hot tea! White-colored bolbala. Wanted somewhere. Wellsettled, MBA, job in multinational company, youth from noble family, suitable white, slim, cultured family parents from anywhere contact. No dowry. No casteism.
A few years ago, Murtias used to come to India to marry special native women. You must have read the advertisements in the newspaper, Falanabhai is coming from America for marriage, for eight days. Kdhya’s guardians maternal/uncle/foi’s falana no. Contact at At that time, America was heaven for everyone. To some too. Relatives would pick ten places from several applications and line up ten when Murtia arrived. I have seen the sight of such queued girls with my own eyes. A family friend’s daughter was in that queue and I was stunned to see Malkati.
Oat after tide. Girls lost their fascination with America. Go there to do housework, the job bell kept ringing continuously. Many young men had white girls as girlfriends/wives and wanted country girls for housework. Many such things started coming out. The spread of education increased. The girls started working themselves. Young women living alone, working, studying as paying guests in metros are no longer surprising.
But the white state remains.
Why will you be successful in life? The market is flooded with sermons/books like keys to a happy life. People pay registration fees to attend his seminars and absorb the teachings. One of the findings of his survey, the main point of which was that being handsome and good looking is very beneficial in jobs, social relations.
Such beliefs cast a spell on people’s minds. Like a charm mantra. Then why the advertiser does not take advantage of it. And the multi-billion dollar business of cream lotions is based on this belief. Beauty parlors have a waiting list. The soap company thrives on seeing fair-skinned models/actreso turn white in an instant with soapy baths in such mesmerizing advertisements in newspapers, large eye-catching hoardings, and even in drawing rooms. When Deepika herself applies the cream on her face and says that instant glow will come, who will not believe it!
Advertisements don’t sell products, they sell dreams.
One name of Draupadi was Shyama. Although she was not beautiful like the gopis, Radha or Rukmini, she was the only woman who was Krishna’s saha, friend. of equality. Dedicated to all other steps.
A woman who can stand tall in front of Krishna. A woman who can handle five handsome husbands. Bhali was an intelligent woman full of self-confidence who could stand up in a full meeting and ask probing questions to the able elders.
And it was dark.
And there is no need to assume that these prejudices are unique to India. There is a strange worldwide fascination with fair skin. How many black people have been oppressed by the whites just because of their fair skin! ruled Negroes were subjected to horrific atrocities just because of their dark skin. Hitler carried out the most atrocious genocide to preserve the Aryan blood.
Centuries change. Society does not change. Thoughts are deeply rooted. Science filled the gap, new technology made the world a global village. Life is running faster than the speed of a race horse.
Humans need two things very much right now. brain and heart. Intelligence and love. A combination of both. Humans are only after affection, love irrespective of the color of the skin.
White skin is the talk of the entertainment industry. Skin color should be taken into consideration while auditioning. Just do not walk. White means white. That’s it. T.V. All the heroines of serials, women are bright, bathed in moonlight. In case of dark color, special serial should be made. Zee TV has launched a serial ‘Sat Phere’ specially for the black heroine in which Saloni gets constant hate and disdain from all around for the black woman. Eventually his self-esteem wakes up and he finds himself.
Smita Patil was dark-skinned. Since she was a newsreader on Doordarshan, Shyam Benegal chose her for films, but she was always labeled an art film heroine. Commercial films got due to talent but mainly art film heroines.
Whereas skin color never mattered to male heroes. Take any superstar, yesterday’s and today’s fame spread not for skin color but six abs physique.
When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry married, the royal family was opposed in many ways, not a virgin, not a royal blood. She was not a film actress and had dark skin. Children’s skin is also wheat-colored! That is totally unacceptable.
Nandita Das and other dark-skinned actresses campaigned against it, but white color rules the industry and the world.
Somehow the actresses of yesteryear reached the silver screen despite their wheatish skin, but watch their current videos carefully. All forms have become Radha.
It is said that the melanin under the skin determines the color of the skin. She discovered a melanin-replacing serum, and after an expensive, painful treatment, she was all white. But actors rule the entertainment world with the same dark complexion. (Charging four to five times more than white actresses).
As long as women wake up to their self-respect and search for their own identity, the pale color will remain popular, people will like it.
The speaker is that if self-respect is awakened, it will go away from some area.
But the search for identity has to start from childhood, from home with the help of parents, relatives.
Whether that time will come or not cannot be predicted by looking in a glass sphere. But true home is heaven on earth, but every home is not heaven and every woman is not a nymph.

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