Holi khele Gardbhavira bead mein, Holi khele…

by Ana Lopez

Our beloved people celebrate almost all the festivals. Of course people have special feelings for elite festival like Holi. Mainly enjoying the color and bhang, this unique occasion has isolated specialties of different regions to enjoy. However, the phrase ‘It Happens Only in India’ will leave your mouth after knowing the celebration of Beed village in Maharashtra. As the dialect changes and the celebrations change, for the last 86 years in Beed, on the day of Dhuleti, Jamairaja is taken around the village on a donkey. During this ‘Parikrama’ the family members as well as the village residents enjoy chanting ‘Balam Pichkari Jo Tune Muje Mari’ along with the son-in-law. The entire village is invited to participate in this practice observed on the first Holi of the son-in-law. It is said that 86 years ago, when the son-in-law of the Deshmukh family living in Yevta village of Beed district came to his father-in-law on the first Holi, he refused to play with Rang. After much persuasion and persuasion, the son-in-law was ready, so the father-in-law ordered a donkey decorated with flowers and the son-in-law rode it around the village and enjoyed the dhuleti. This tradition started since then continues even today.

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