Hey! What do women say to you?

by Ana Lopez

Mastram’s Fun -Milan Trivedi

This article should not be read by women and if read by mistake… Before starting the article, put two hands to ‘Mumbai Samachar’ and request no woman to give my home address or my phone number. It is wrong to remember that every winter I wrote an article like this. So, before we start comedy programs, I have a habit of saying, “What is not reality is a joke. Only imagination based talk is a joke.
Nowadays every sector is dominated by women and even in some places 50% and in some places 33% reservation is reserved for women, so the right goes headlong and creeps in. In 1995, under women’s reservation in the corporation, a woman gets preference for two and a half years as the mayor of the corporation. That is, women become mayors, but recently it happened in one place that a woman mayor went to the chamber and returned. The staff said that ‘Madam there is an office with full furniture. Why didn’t you like it?’ So the woman said with anger that ‘There is only half of the furniture. Where’s the dressing table in this?’
The women’s cricket tournament is currently going on. From T20 to Women’s IPL is also to be played now. The men cricketers have protested that we should let all our matches go and then start the women’s matches, because they take away our audience and obviously very few Indians are willing to watch men’s cricket in full except for speculators and if there is a good option. So who likes to watch men play. Let me tell you an insider information that recently bids were made for women cricketers for IPL matches, but some women cricketers have made a condition that if they pay less money, it will work, but in the city where the match is to be played, food and drink, mainly panipuri, pizza, burgers. The cost will be the responsibility of the buyer. Also, you have to shop for one or two good dresses from the best showrooms in the city. Many wise men have explained that ‘Take enough money so that you can shop for yourself’. Then those women cricketers said on their face that ‘we can take money from our husband’s wallet too, but you will not understand the fun of shopping for free, Babulal’.
Panipuri is the national food of women. In this country five crore Panipuri will be consumed daily. One times five rupees, then 25 crores of cash is reduced from a man’s wallet. (Which is removed every morning by women without their knowledge). If 25 crore rupees are paid in cash while smiling, but as if he has done a great favor by paying cash rupees, Gaghlavi eats five masalas for free to his brother with panipuri, the price of which is considered to be one rupee, then five crore rupees worth of masalas are eaten for free. For this, brothers with Panipuri in the rank of Danveer
may come and even the higher one sees this (dharahar) generosity and does not allow his need to diminish. Compare this turnover with the turnover of an Adani or Ambani. Daily cash business. Both these companies may not be making such cash turnover. So women have a great contribution in running small scale economy. That is why our finance minister is a woman. And do not allow any kind of tax on Panipuri.
Women have a way of persuading. He may not believe if you explain something directly that this is to be done, but tell him that this is to be shown to the other person. Just do this and keep the front, the front burning. Then watch their performance. To make a run in women’s cricket, every woman cricketer is told to show what strength you have to those you don’t get along with. Our team becomes world champion on this one thing. Even on the ground you are allowed to taunt. Which is called sledging in the language of cricket. Our friends say such words and joke inside and tease others that women cricketers of other countries cannot see the joy of our women cricketers and lose their wickets after losing their brains.
This chibawli can’t hold a bat, if the dacha is full of makeup, get this to the kitchen early, this won’t work in the drawing room, even she comes to work at my house looks better than this, champli, fashion cracker, small like a buffalo poll. Chotli has come back… How much should he say something like this and have fun inside and trouble the opposite team and get him out cheaply.
All this is laughable but the truth is that women are advancing in every field. Women are now occupying high positions. If you think women work smartly. Only the way of doing the work has to be kept a little unique.
Women are skilled in everything, but it is worth a small nudge that a woman who stays out of the house all day long, works and earns only 10,000 to 15,000 rupees, not for herself or for her family, but A servant working in his house can be considered as earning for a servant, as a sister or brother has to be hired for every household task which can be estimated to cost seven to ten thousand. think Let the family be saved only by women. Mother, sister, sister-in-law, wife… all are Annapurna in form. (The last paragraph was written by my wife. I told her that she had to say a little to get permission to write the whole article.)
This will be seen soon.
Girl: What are you good at cooking?
Boy: I make everything. The yogurt you ate today was made by me.
(Jio Mere Lal now you will be decided)

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