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by Ana Lopez

Looking for the latest Heroes of Crown codes? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we collect the most recent active codes that you can redeem in-game for freebies. We’ll keep it updated as often as there are codes too, so we recommend bookmarking this page and checking back often. That way you never miss out on a free gift.

Heroes of Crown is a brand new idle RPG on mobile that challenges you to collect a number of heroes, send them into battle to gather resources and then use them to strengthen your collection. If you’ve played mobile gacha before, you should know it pretty well.

We’ve also put together a Heroes of Crown level list to help you get started. Fan of gacha games? Well, there’s a lot more where this comes from. Be sure to check out our Disney Mirrorverse level list, T3 Arena level list, and Evertale level list.

Heroes of Crown Codes

Last checked for new codes on January 23rd.

Active codes

  • thanks
  • share wishes – 200 diamonds / 150,000 XP potion
  • loveweekend – 300 diamonds / 200,000 gold
  • GoodLuck – 300 diamonds / 200,000 gold
  • Shadow – 200 diamonds / 150,000 XP potion
  • CoolDown – 300 diamonds / 200,000 gold
  • share tips – 200 diamonds / 100,000 gold / 100,000 XP potion
  • RuinsHunt – 300 diamonds / 200,000 coins
  • WELCOME – Open Beta Boost Bundle
  • hero777 – Sea Witch / 200 Ascension Stones
  • hero888 – Ascension Stones
  • hero999 – 100 skin vouchers
  • sign up – 300 diamonds / 200,000 gold
  • GIFTS – 500 Reforge Stones / 500 Diamonds / 500,000 Gold / 250,000 XP Potion

Expired codes

  • Side
  • Milestone
  • Fantastic day
  • creators
  • 2nd month
  • Monkey king
  • Second month
  • funny name
  • Mid-August
  • Left hander
  • Difference
  • New skin
  • one month
  • Family
  • new hero
  • Invitation
  • Lady Fury
  • Sunday fun
  • surprise
  • With thanks
  • new ones
  • GOchamps

Frequently Asked Questions about Heroes of Crown Codes

Now we answer some questions you may have about Heroes of Crown or codes in general.

What are Codes?

Codes are how developers and publishers hand out free gifts to their communities. They usually take the form of a combination of numbers and letters that you redeem in-game to get free stuff.

These freebies can take many forms, from in-game currency to skins and boosts. They often fall around major events, such as launches or updates, and stick around for a while before expiring.

How do I redeem Heroes or Crown codes?

Redeeming your codes is easy. Just follow these steps to unlock your freebies:

  • Launch Heroes of Crown
  • Tap your profile icon
  • Press the ‘Redeem Codes’ button
  • Copy a code from above
  • Stick it in the field
  • Click ‘Claim’ to get your freebies

Why is my code not working?

There are a number of reasons why your code may not work when you try to redeem it, but here are the two most likely ones:

  1. The code has expired
  2. You’ve already cashed it

The vast majority of codes that developers give out have an expiration date, and they don’t often reveal when this is. We do our best to keep this list up to date with only new codes by checking them regularly, but occasionally we don’t see that a code has expired.

It’s worth paying close attention to which codes you’ve redeemed as well, as in most cases you can only redeem them once per account.

Where can I get more codes?

We’ll keep this article updated as often as there are new codes, so we recommend bookmarking it and checking back often. That way you never miss out on a free gift.

Alternatively, you can follow the official Facebook, Twitterand Instagram pages, or join the Disagreement to occasionally get codes directly from the developer. You might even make a friend or two in the process.

Is there a Heroes of Crown Reddit?

If something exists, there is one Reddit before. So yes, there is a Reddit. It seems to be used mainly for promotional purposes at the moment, but once the game is available we expect the community to take over.

What is Heroes or Crown?

Heroes of Crown is a gacha RPG where you collect a bunch of heroes, throw a party and send them on a grand adventure. Along the way, they level up and loot new gear, increasing their power and allowing you to tackle increasingly difficult content.

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