Hear ClassDojo and SignalFire unpack edtech’s future opportunities on businessupdates.org Live

by Ana Lopez

Sam Chaudhary takes his time. The founder of ClassDojo, an edtech consumer app focused on student classrooms, spent eight years building the company before introducing a formal revenue model. All while raising more than tens of millions in venture capital from elite Silicon Valley investors with a grand mission in mind: to become the brand families turn to when they think about raising a child.

Today, ClassDojo has raised more than $200 million in venture capital and is targeting its next goal of achieving $100 million in annual recurring revenue and reaching more than 100 million families. In this episode of TechCrunchLive takes place on April 26 at noon PDT, we’ll dig into how Chaudhary played the long game in edtech and what he would do differently if he started from scratch. We’ll talk about industry opportunities in a post-pandemic landscape — and how he’s brought patience to investors. Chaudhary will speak about his entrepreneurial journey with his investor Chris Farmer, the founder and CEO of SignalFire.

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Farmer leads SignalFire, a start-up venture that recently raised $900 million in four new funds. He describes SignalFire as “the only company with a true ML system where it’s a closed loop.” Before SignalFire, Farmer ran General Catalyst’s seed program and helped close deals in Coinbase, Discord, and Stripe. He will talk about investing in companies that are in no hurry to make money, competition in the marketplace and the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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