Has Twitter been disabled? Links and photos do not work in the app

by Ana Lopez

No, it’s not your WiFi.

Twitter was down Monday afternoon after hundreds of users began reporting that hyperlinks and images were not working on the site.

The redirect link service of social media platforms, t.cois probably the cause of the malfunction.

The company confirmed the issues just after noon EST on Monday via its Twitter support account, attributing the outages to an “internal change that had some unintended consequences.”

through Twitter

According to down detector8,378 users had reported issues with the social media platform as of 11:57 a.m. EST.

Users who clicked links in Tweets received API errors telling them that their “API code does not include access to this endpoint” and that they were unable to access external content.

Twitter has not specified what exact issues it is referring to through its Twitter Support account.

“Since Twitter,” “Oh Twitter,” and #TwitterDown were all trending globally on Monday.

Twitter also crashed in February when users tried to post new messages and received an error message that read, “You have exceeded the daily limit for sending tweets.” At the time, other users commented that they could no longer follow new users or see an updated list of their followers.

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