Harbor line disrupted: Tourists stranded

by Ana Lopez

Harassment in Harbour: Trains were derailed in the afternoon on Saturday due to a technical fault on the Harbor line. Due to this, tourists had to face hardship. (Amay Kharade)

(from our representative)
MUMBAI: Rail services between Wadala to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus on the Harbor Line were disrupted for some time in the afternoon due to some technical glitch on Saturday afternoon, causing heavy congestion at several stations.
Train services on the Harbor Line were disrupted from around half past one to three in the afternoon. The sudden stoppage of the train caused a rush of people on the railway platform and on the bridge. There was no space for people to stand or even walk. After some time, the train started again. But people had to face a lot of hardship due to heavy crowding in the train.
Anilkumar Jain, Regional Manager of Central Railway, said that there was no technical fault on Saturday afternoon. But a sudden stress block of 15 to 20 minutes was taken. Due to this, the train was stopped for some time in the afternoon. This was not a pre-plan block. But suddenly such stas blocks have to be taken for railway tracks during hot season.

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