Gujarati Video: Youth attempted suicide due to harassment of moneylender in Una, despite paying 33 lakhs in two and a half years against a loan of 13 lakhs, he was tortured – Gir Somnath youth attempted suicide due to harassment of money lender Gujarati Video

by Ana Lopez

Gir somnath news: Tired of being threatened by usurers, the young man finally tried to commit suicide by drinking medicine. Currently, this young man is dying in the ICU of a private hospital.

Once again, the youth, fed up with the vicious cycle of usury, has attempted suicide. Tired of being harassed by usurers in Una of Girsomanath, a young man has tried to commit suicide by drinking medicine. In the year 2020, a young man from Anjar village in Una took a loan of Rs 13 lakh for some reason. However, this young man got caught in the vicious cycle of usury and had to pay 33 lakh rupees in two and a half years. Even after paying two and a half times the original amount, the usurers were not satisfied. After which the security deposit bounced the blank check and filed a police complaint.

If the police case was to be withdrawn, the youth collapsed after being threatened with more money and finally thought that death was the only option left. Tired of the usurer’s threat, the young man finally tried to commit suicide by drinking medicine. Currently, this young man is living in the ICU of a private hospital. On one hand, the action of the state government is going on against the usurers, on the other hand, the unscrupulous usurers are sucking the society. Then the question arises here that when will we finally get rid of the clutches of usurers?

This is how the vicious cycle of interest works

Money is lent to the needy at a high rate of interest and the customer borrows money from the usurer as much as he needs. Moneylenders charge 10-20 percent interest from the customer, although 1 percent to 2.5 percent interest is common in sharafi interest. As the usurer has a license, he deposits the money in the customer’s account through RTGS.

Depositing money through RTGS proves it legally. Only 2 percent of the interest is collected from the customer in the account, the other above percentage of interest is collected in the form of black cash. Charges exorbitant interest without any proof of cash and starts charging multiple rupees after disbursing money.

Usurers give 10 thousand and collect up to 500 rupees interest per day

By delaying payment, they pressure the usurer to take interest, if the interest is delayed, they charge compound interest from the customer, even if the customer gets fed up and goes to the police, the usurer is saved because he has a license. Besides, moneylenders threaten defaulters and illegally occupy borrower’s property in return for money, women of the defaulters’ families are also subjected to indecent demands. More interest is often charged even on the rupees borrowed on interest.

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