Gujarati video: The principal involved in the paper leak crime was raping a girl student for 8 years, know the explosive details – Gujarati video: The principal involved in the paper leak crime was raping a girl student for 8 years, know the explosive details

by Ana Lopez

Since the time the student was studying in the school in class 10th, the principal had molested her by threatening her and threatening her. There has been a stir after the complaint was registered.

Anger has spread among student leaders and organizations over the incident of rape of a student in Jamnagar. Regarding this incident, ABVP has demanded strict action by arresting the accused principal within 5 days. If the accused principal is not arrested or chargesheeted, fierce protests have been announced. The police are still silent on the incident which is a disgrace to the education world. A police complaint has been registered against the principal of a private school in Lakhabaval near Jamnagar for raping a 15-year-old minor.

Also involved in the school paper leak crime

The accused used to force the victim student to take admission in that institution as well. The preliminary investigation of the police has revealed that the accused Manish Buch has also been booked for paper leak in 2019 while on duty at Sathya Sai School. At present, the police have started a race to find the accused ex-principal Manish Buch.

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Naradham had been committing atrocities for 8 years

A student in Jamnagar has filed a police complaint in CT B Division that she was molested by the former principal of the school for 8 consecutive years. There has been a stir since the principal filed a complaint of molesting a student since she was studying in class 10 by staring at her and threatening her.

Teachers, principals become guidance so that students can make a good career by getting good education in school. But Manish Yadunandan Buche, the former principal of Jamnagar’s well-known Sathya Sai School, had been exploiting a girl student for 8 years continuously. In the year 2015, when the student was studying in class-10, Manish Yadunandan Buch, who was serving as the principal, called her to his principal’s office and confronted her and threatened to complain to the parents if she informed anyone about this.

The student showed courage and reached the police

The minor student was afraid of the principal and was victimized by him. After exploiting him like this for a long time i.e. for 8 consecutive years, the student got fed up and requested to release him and leave him. But he was threatened by the principal. Finally, when the student’s endurance reached the limit, he courageously reported these organs to the police.

When the police went to find the accused after receiving a complaint, it was found that the accused former principal Manish Buch is currently absconding. A preliminary investigation by the police revealed that Manish Buch was earlier serving as the principal of the Sathya Sai School where the student was studying, though he had left that job for some years. After that, for a year or so, he worked as an administrator in Shree Kishna Education Foundation Trust near Lakhabaval. It is also known that he left in the month of January.

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