Gujarati Video: News of relief for the farmers troubled by drought, the intensity of rain will decrease from tomorrow, the temperature is predicted to rise – Gujarati Video News of relief for the farmers troubled by drought the intensity of rain will decrease from tomorrow the temperature is predicted to rise

by Ana Lopez

Ahmedabad: There is good news for farmers in the state. The danger of rain will be removed from the state. The Meteorological Department has predicted rain for the next 24 hours. Saurashtra-Kutch and North Gujarat will receive thundershowers. However, the intensity of rain will reduce from tomorrow.

There is news of relief for the farmers who are troubled by drought in the state. Now in Gujarat it is now monsoon the rain will not fall The weather department has predicted the weather for the next five days. Mawtha crisis has been removed from the state. As no rain system is active in the state at present, there is no chance of rainfall.

On the other hand, the Meteorological Department has predicted an increase in the temperature in the state. Due to northwesterly wind, the temperature will rise again. The temperature may increase by four to five degrees in the coming days. Rain is forecast in Saurashtra-Kutch in the next 24 hours, on the other hand there will be thundershowers in Central and North Gujarat. The intensity of rain will reduce from tomorrow.

Crops have suffered huge damage due to drought in the state. In which the mango crop suffered extensive damage in Girsomanath district due to continuous drought. So it rained in villages including Valardi, Balel Piplia, Chamardi, Vavadi, Kuvargarh of Amreli’s Wadia and Babra talukas. On the other hand, areas including Zanzarda Chowkdi, Sardarbagh Bus Stand of Junagadh also received torrential rain.

Gondal of Rajkot also received moderate rain. Many areas like Gandhibagh, Sonibazar, Vasi Lake, Cabin Chowk, Hospital Road in Bhavnagar received unseasonal rain.

On the other hand, due to unseasonal rains in Anand and Kheda districts, the difficulties of the earthlings have increased. Horticultural crops including wheat and vegetables have suffered huge losses due to drought. Due to Mavtha, the standing crop of wheat has fallen to the ground. When pests have fallen in vegetable crops. Then these farmers express their pain like this.

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