Gujarati Video: Locals make a fuss over polluted water in Dholka, farmers protest against the company – Gujarati Video Locals make a fuss over polluted water in Dholka farmers protest against the company

by Ana Lopez

Ahmedabad: Locals raised an uproar over polluted water in Dholka. Farmers staged dharna in front of Gymtex company located in Dholka. The police created a ruckus by detaining more than 100 people involved in the dharna.

Locals have made a fuss about the polluted water in Dholka of Ahmedabad district. In front of Dholka Gymtex Company, there has been a huge uproar as the farmers used force to detain more than 100 people. Farmers are alleging that private companies including Jimtex are releasing chemically contaminated water.

Complaints of skin diseases caused by polluted water

Farmers are saying that due to chemical water, there is heavy damage to agriculture in Gehawada, Trasad, Paldi and Nesda villages. Locals are also saying that skin diseases and cancer are caused by chemical water. Enraged by the police action, the locals have also threatened to stage a fierce agitation in the future if the problem is not resolved.

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Locals complain that there is a problem of polluted water for the last 17 years. During this time, many presentations have been made. The case has also been brought to the High Court. However, the system does not solve the problem.

Today the locals of the villages started a peaceful agitation against the company. There was no vandalism. However, the company owners did not allow the dharna and were forcibly taken away by the police.

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