Gujarati Video: Health team raids 22 traders in Rajkot, seized quantity of adulterated fennel, turmeric – Health team cracks down on spice traders in Rajkot Gujarati Video

by Ana Lopez

Rajkot (Rajkot) Municipal Health Department conducted an investigation on several businessmen of Kotharia Road and Nanamwa Road. Food samples were taken from there to 22 entrepreneurs.

At present, the whole year’s masala filling season has started. On the other hand, these spices were getting mixed up. Then the health department in Rajkot has conducted an investigation of the businessmen who sell spices there. A drive has been started by the health department to ensure that people’s health is not compromised.

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As it is the season of spices, people buy spices now. People buy enough spices to last 12 months. At that time, in order not to compromise the health of the people, an investigation was conducted by the Health Department of the Rajkot Municipal Corporation on several businessmen of Kotharia Road and Nanamwa Road. Food samples were taken from 22 traders. Out of which five businessmen have been issued a notice by the health department regarding the license.

As many as 36 samples were taken from Nanamwa’s spice market. In some places the quantity of turmeric and in some places the quantity of rye was found to be adulterated. Action has been taken regarding that. A quantity of adulterated fennel has also been found. The health department has also taken action regarding that. In some places the spices were checked on the spot and action was taken against the adulterants.

(With input- Mohit Bhatt, Rajkot)

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