Gujarati video: Bhaktinagar police registered a case against 8 people after a video of drinking alcohol in a wedding procession.

by Ana Lopez

In Rajkot, a video of a wedding groom drinking alcohol went viral. Police registered a case against 8 persons and arrested 7 persons in the incident. In this incident, the police charged the accused in public.

What was the event

At a wedding procession in Rajkot, some people drank the Geeta from the movie Tiranga Pi Le… Pi Le…. He was seen dancing with a bottle of liquor on the song O Mere Raja. Then the police started an investigation on the video of the alcohol party. In one of the videos, the scenes of the groom being given a gun were also captured. In the viral video, there was talk of a man who had previously entered the police book in criminal acts and was recently released on parole due to his brother’s marriage.

A viral video of drunkenness has gone viral on social media. Youngsters are seen in the video dancing with bottles of liquor on a Bollywood song. These youths are drinking Bindas Daru, lost in the passion of youth. The video is tentatively believed to be from Saharkarnagar Main Road in Rajkot, however, TVNine has not confirmed the video.

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