Gujarat Budget 2023-24: Total provision of Rs 15,182 crore for health and family welfare

by Ana Lopez

Gujarat Assembly Budget 2023-2024 Updates: The second budget of the Bhupendra Patel government was presented in the Gujarat Assembly today. In which a total provision of Rs 15,182 crore was made for health and family welfare. Let’s know the complete information in detail.

Gujarat self-sufficient in assembly today Budget has been introduced. In the second term of the Bhupendra Patel government, Finance Minister Kanu Desai has presented the budget for the second time in a row. As the central budget has also focused more on self-reliance, there was a possibility that the state government could also present a budget on the theme of self-reliance. It is very important for any state to have a strong health system. In this budget, the government has allocated a total of Rs 15,182 crore for the health and family welfare department. Let us know what the government has made in the budget for health and family welfare department.

Finance Minister Kanu Desai presented a budget of Rs 3 lakh 1 thousand 22 crores in the assembly, an increase of 57053 crores in the budget compared to last year. Budget of Gujarat has been prepared on 5 pillars. In which a total of 4 years road map has been prepared. Allocation of approximately 2 lakh crores for basic facilities of poor and needy class, allocation of 4 lakh crores for human resource development, allocation of approximately 5 lakh crores for world class international facilities, economic activities of agricultural industry service sector. Approximately 2 lakh crores have been allocated for development and 2 lakh crores for green growth.

Provision for Health and Family Welfare Department in Budget

  1. 9263 crore provision for public health and family welfare services,
  2. 1745 crore provision under National Health Mission for health services and prevention and control of non-communicable diseases.
  3. 1600 crore provision for free treatment under Chief Minister Amrutam Yojana.
  4. 643 crore provision for health center infrastructure and diagnostic facilities.
  5. 324 crore provision for Kasturba Nutrition Yojana and Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana.
  6. 250 crore provision to improve urban health services.
  7. 270 crore for Prime Minister Ayushman Bharat Health Infrastructure
  8. 55 crores provision for deploying 198 new ambulances in the state
  9. 350 crore provision under Shrestha Gujarat Project
  10. 1278 crore provision for medical services
  11. 3997 crore provision for education and health facilities in medical colleges
  12. 355 crore for facilities in Government Medical Colleges and affiliated educational hospitals
  13. 145 crores for building facilities in Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar, Jamnagar and Rajkot Medical Colleges
  14. 130 crore for setting up new medical colleges on PPP model and equipment support to private hospitals
  15. 115 crore for modernization of Ahmedabad Civil Hospital and other medical colleges
  16. 65 crore under Yuva Swalamban Yojana for medical college student
  17. New medical colleges will be established in Aravalli, Chotaudepur, Mahisagar and Dang
  18. Five new nursing colleges will be established in the state
  19. 8 crore provision for 2 new laboratories in Surat-Rajkot for testing samples of food and drugs
  20. 377 crore provision for various schemes of AYUSH.

A unique budget pothi

Today, when the ambitious budget of the state is being presented, Finance Minister Kanudesai reached the assembly with a red colored budget bag. Although this budget was not ordinary, it presented an overview of the various symbols of Gujarat and the identity of Gujarat. Also, all these signs were worshiped with golden colored khatli bharat on red pothi.

Gujarat Budget The design of key sectors such as agriculture and animal husbandry, education, health, water supply, energy, industry and tourism shows the priority of the development sectors included in the budget.

The inclusion of Suryamandir of Modhara, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in the Budget pothi showcases the cultural heritage of our Gujarat. Also Modhera has become the country’s first 24/7 solar powered village, keeping this in mind, Modhera’s sun temple has been included in Pothi in its honour.

From the year 2022, Finance Minister Kanubhai Desai started the tradition of bringing the budget in red pothi for the first time in Gujarat, which he maintained this year as well. Last year, as per Gujarat’s tradition of placing handicrafts in the pothi of the budget for the first time in the country, this year also in the pothi of the Gujarat Budget 2023-24, Khatli embroidery was presented as a handicraft, and an excellent approach was presented to connect culture, art and development.

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