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by Ana Lopez

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The market for certified animal caretaker is growing rapidly, with an expected increase of 54% between 2022 and 2029. As the pet care industry grows, pet-focused businesses can benefit from more holistic care than their customers’ four-legged friends. If your business caters to dog owners, consider offering dog welfare services on a dog welfare test kit from Checkpup. This painless dog health test can tell you more about the health of your clients’ dogs and costs just $119.99 for a test.

All this vet-developed test kit needs is a hair sample from a dog to provide a comprehensive set of health reports. That test includes insights into 20 areas of a dog’s health, including monitoring their overall well-being, toxic metals, metabolism and systems. All that information comes in a detailed report that may only need three once the lab has received the samples the lab received.

Test results include a three-month snapshot of a dog’s functional and nutritional health so the owner can take action to improve their dog’s health and happiness. Checkpup also encourages users to arrange for follow-up testing, giving you another chance to continue serving your customers take good care of their dogs.

Almost 40% of American households have a dog. A comprehensive wellness test can be your chance to provide informed pet care services to your customers and help them determine whether it’s time for a visit to the vet or an hour of training with a fun dog toy.

If your business serves pet owners, this is an opportunity to offer an essential service to your customers. Grab the Dog Welfare Test Kit from Checkpup on sale for $119.99 (reg. $149). That’s the best price online.

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