Genshin Impact Guizhong lore, ballista and more

by Ana Lopez

The lore and history of Liyue is deep and complex, with many victories, tragedies and notable figures in the georegion’s stones. And one of the most notable numbers is Guizhong of Genshin Impact. The benevolent Lord of Dust, one of the founders of the Guili Assembly, and a close friend of Morax, the geo-archon himself, Liyue would not be the lantern-lit marvel it is today if it weren’t for her sacrifice. So let’s take a moment to pay homage to the memory of fabric as we look at its history, appearance and more.

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Who is Genshin Impact Guizhong?

Genshin Impact Guizhong is the former Lord of Dust, and one of the gods in charge of the Guili Assembly, which she founded along with Morax (Genshin Impact’s Zhongli) and Marchosius. Kind-hearted and exceedingly wise, Guizhong was not known for her physical strength, but excelled in her knowledge of mechanics and engineering, designing and building the famous Guizhong Ballista. She was also known to collect Khaenri’ahn technology such as ruin machines in the name of research.

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Guizhong was a benevolent and benign goddess, who deeply sympathized with humans because of both their knowledge of their own fragility and their fear of their own mortality. Although physically inferior to Morax, she was superior in her strategic and tactical strength, playfully calling herself the brain of Morax’s muscles.

Guizhong and Morax became very close, with her gifting him a stone dumbbell as a symbol of their promise – the same stone dumbbell that now takes the form of the ‘Memory of Dust’ catalyst.

Because of her love for humanity, Guizhong strove to help her people become wise and strong, encourage them to adhere to a strong moral code, and take good care of their home in the Guili Assembly. She taught them technique and how to work the soil so that they could feed their bodies as well as their minds, and was especially fond of glazed lilies, which are still seen as a symbol of her people’s adoration for her.

Unfortunately, Guizhong perished during the Archon War, while trying to protect the people of Guili from the wrath of the gods and monsters who tried to tear Liyue and Mondstadt apart. For example, she died 3700 years ago during a fierce battle in which ‘black dust choked the sky and a thousand rocks shattered’. She passed a beautiful field of frosting lilies, smiling as she asked Morax to forget the stone barbell she had given him, and mourned the end of their journey together.

Soon after, a treacherous flood swept through Dihua Marsh and Guili Plains, destroying the Guili Assembly. The inhabitants fled south for ten days with the help of Marchosius and the adepti, eventually passing through land, which later became the port of Liyue.

Genshin Impact Guizhong’s appearance

Unfortunately, we know little about Guizhong’s appearance, except that she took the form of a young woman with wide sleeves. We also know that many believe she was extremely beautiful, but other than that, it’s up to our imagination – at least for now.

Genshin Impact Guizhong Ballista

Genshin Impact Guizhong Quest

Guizhong plays an important role in the story in several Liyue quests – with Genshin Impact’s Zhongli speaking fondly of her in Archon Quest Chapter I: Act II – Farewell, Archaic Lord, in which you must repair the Guizhong Ballista and defeat the treasure hoarders who try to destroy it.

Will Genshin Impact Guizhong Ever Be Playable?

As mentioned above, Guizhong sadly died during the Archon War, so it’s highly unlikely that we’ll ever see her physically appear in the game, much less likely that we’ll get a playable version of her. However, anything is possible, and if Hoyoverse ever decides to resurrect her and send her into battle again, we’ll be sure to update this guide. In the meantime, you can at least keep the Memory of Dust catalyst close to your heart and tend to the frosting lilies in your Serenitea pot to pay her respects.

That’s all we have about the benevolent god of dust, Genshin Impact’s Guizhong. If you want to dive into a new adventure to take a break from this bittersweet story, check out our lists of the best games like Genshin Impact, the best mobile RPGs, or the best Switch RPGs.

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