Genshin Impact Alhaitham farming guide

by Ana Lopez

Alhaitham is a Haravatat scholar of the Sumeru Akademiya, a school specializing in semiotics, linguistics and ancient runic studies. Students wishing to graduate from this Darshan must master at least 20 languages ​​hence Alhaitham is seen as incredibly proficient in linguistics. He is also the writer of the Akademiya and is a roommate of a wine-obsessed architect named Kaveh.

Alhaitham is a five star Dendro sword wielder expected to release in version 3.4. Below are all of them leaked Ascension materials. These are based on information shared by speakers and may change upon its official release.

All Alhaitham level-up, Talent and Ascension materials in Genshin Impact

Level up costs

You need to prepare the following to raise Alhaitham to 80 or 90. This excludes Ascension and Talent fees.

  • Level 1-80
    • Heroic Mind: 248
    • Mora: 987.905
  • Level 1-90
    • Heroic Mind: 420
    • Mora: 1,672,530

Ascension materials & costs

You have to prepare 420,000 morale and the following materials to fully Ascend Alhaitham. The Mora value does not include level-up and talent costs.

Local Specialty & Boss material

x168 Grease doll x46 unknown boss material

Alhaitham will reportedly need a new local specialty and boss material to Ascend. The Sand Grease Pupa is described as living in areas populated by Quicksand Unagi, but is not currently available in-game. Meanwhile, leaks reveal that his boss material can be grown from a new enemy called the Wind-Bitten Sandworm.


x1 Nagadus emerald silver

x9 Nagadus emerald Fragment

x9 Nagadus Emerald Chunk

x6 Nagadus emerald Gemstone

These are dropped by all Anemo Normal and World Bosses, such as the Jadeplume Terrorshroom and Dendro Hypostasis. In addition, you can convert materials using the Crafting Table to convert your existing gems into Anemo stones.

Common materials

x18 faded red satin

x30 trimmed red silk

x36 rich red brocade

These are dropped by all kinds of Hermits found in Sumeru’s rainforest and desert.

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Materials and costs for raising talents

You have to prepare 1,652,500 morals and the following materials to take all three of Alhaitham’s talents to the next level level 10. The Mora value does not include character level-up and Ascension costs.

talent materials

x9 Teachings of resourcefulness

x63 Guide to Resourcefulness

x114 Philosophies of Resourcefulness

These can be grown from the Domain Spire of Ignorance in Chatrakam Cave on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

Common materials

x18 Faded red satin

x66 Cropped red silk

x93 Rich red brocade

These are dropped by all kinds of Hermits found in Sumeru’s rainforest and desert.

World boss material & Crown of Insight

x3 Crown of Insight

x18 Mirror of Mushin

Crowns of Insight are limited rewards that can be obtained from major events. Alhaitham’s World Boss material is called the Mirror of Mushin. It can be grown from the Shou no Kami in the Joururi Workshop Domain, located in Chinhat Ravine.

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