Game Pass will be released in February 2023

by Ana Lopez

There only seems to be one major Game Pass release for February 2023, leaving the month a bit dry for those of you with a subscription to the service. Of course, this could still change as we write this in January, with some other titles likely to be announced during the month itself. However, if you need a rundown of Game Pass releases in February 2023, we’ve got you covered.

Game Pass will be released in February 2023

Date of publication Game Platform
February 21st Atomic heart Console, PC, Cloud

With only Atom Heart announced for Game Pass in February, it’s automatically the highlight of the month. The new BioShock-inspired shooter has had a rocky development, but continues to amaze us during trailers and previews.

Game Pass Games Depart February 2023

There are no confirmed games yet that will be leaving Game Pass in February, but based on how it worked before, with games staying in the service for a year, we can make an estimate as to which games will be removed.

Date of departure Game Platform
February 3 Contrast Console, cloud
February 3 Dreamscaper Console, PC, Cloud
February 3 Telling lies Console, PC, Cloud
Feb. 10 Siege (example) Console, PC, Cloud
Feb. 10 Edge of eternity Console, PC, Cloud
Feb. 10 Skul: the hero slayer Console, PC, Cloud
Feb. 10 The Last Kids on Earth and the Staff of Doom Console, PC, Cloud
February 14th Infernax Console, PC, Cloud
February 17 Total War: Warhammer III PC
February 18 Wreck party Console, PC, Cloud
February 24 Galactic Civilizations III PC

The biggest loss in February may be Total War: Warhammer III. The Total war series from Creative Assembly is one of the largest strategy series in the world, and the Total war entries are among the best yet.

That’s all for our rundown of the Game Pass releases for February 2023, along with which games might be leaving.

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