Fusing accessories in One Piece Odyssey

by Ana Lopez

Do you want to know how to lubricate accessories One piece odyssey? JRPGs are notorious for their intricacies, especially when you start thinking about optimizing your loadout for upcoming encounters with enemies and bosses. One piece odysseythe recent turn-based JRPG set in the beloved world of the anime and manga of the same name is no different and you’ll often find yourself thinking about accessories in particular.

Accessories can be found all over the world One piece odyssey. They can be found in treasure chests, and sometimes enemies will be kind enough to drop them when defeated. You can also fuse accessories into it One piece odysseyand here are the steps you need to take to unlock this mechanic.

One Piece Odyssey Fuse Accessories: Reach Chapter 3

Similar to unlocking bounty hunts, you’ll need to progress a little bit before you’re allowed to fuse accessories into it One piece odyssey. As a rough estimate, this could take anywhere from 7 to 15 hours (depending on your play style).

There are many dialogues and cutscenes in it One piece odyssey, so it will take some time to get to this stage. However, once you return to Waford after completing the events of Alabasta, Lin points out a strange robot in the camp. Robin will then interact with the robot, unlocking the ability to craft and fuse accessories One piece odyssey.

accessories One Piece Odyssey

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It’s worth noting that accessory fusion is only available at campsites, so be sure to look this one up if you’re up for some better items.

One Piece Odyssey: Accessory Fusion explained

To fuse an accessory, you need a purple accessory with 2-4 available slots. You can then merge one item into another, with one of three possible outcomes:

  • Complete – The original value of the merged entry is applied to the host entry.
  • Good luck – 150% of the value of the merged item is applied to the host item.
  • Triumph – 200% of the value of the merged item goes to the host item.

Before fusing these items it is important to make sure you are willing to undergo the procedure as you will lose the other accessory item. However, combining these accessories is an essential part of making your life a lot easier during encounters with enemies, and more importantly, bosses.

That’s all you need to know about fusing accessories One piece odyssey for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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