Funny Viral Video : Uncle shows how to find a girl for marriage through ABCDE, people laughed and laughed – Funny Viral Video Uncle shows how to find a girl for marriage through ABCD

by Ana Lopez

Funny Viral Video : If you are a father and choose a girl for his son then only ABCDE should be seen in her. This is not us but an uncle who is telling people through divine knowledge.

Funny Video : There is nothing wrong if the internet is called a treasure trove of videos….More than one video keeps coming here. Which people are liking a lot. Sometimes surprising So sometimes funny videos keep coming here but if seen Funny videosNo fanbase is on a different level. These are seen not only by people but with each other Share enthusiastically Is performed. One such video is in discussion among people these days. After watching which you will not be able to control your laughter.

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To choose a girl for a son, check the qualities like this

Often when a child learns to write or read it always starts with ABCD, where A means APPLE, B means BALL and C means CAT..? But do you know that if one is a father and chooses a girl for his son, ABCDE should be seen in her. It is not us but an uncle who is telling this and telling people through divine knowledge that if you want to be happy in life then you should choose ABCDE by looking at its meaning.

Watch the funny video here

You will surely laugh watching the video going viral. Here can be seen how the old man describes ABCDE word by word. Where they say A for Age, B for Beautiful, C for Character, D for Decoration and E for Education and similarly they have explained all the alphabets. Kaka’s answer is really funny and knowing this you won’t stop laughing.

People are making comments

The video was shared on Instagram by an account named patnamemes__. Which has been liked by more than 46 thousand people till the time of writing and their responses are being given by commenting. One user wrote, ‘Uncle really has divine knowledge bro..! At the same time, another user wrote, ‘That’s why it is said to spend some time with the elderly.’ Another user wrote, ‘I can’t control my laughter after seeing this.’ Apart from this, many other people have given their reactions by commenting on it.

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