Funny Video: The groom was enjoying the wedding ceremony, suddenly the monkey made a fuss! – Funny Video: The groom was enjoying the wedding ceremony, suddenly the monkey did this funny act

by Ana Lopez

Wedding Viral Video: A wedding video is fast becoming viral on social media, in which the bride and groom are seen performing a ritual. But the next moment something happens that makes you laugh too.

Funny Wedding Video: Whether it’s a girl or a boy, both of them sincerely want their wedding to be done in a great way that everyone will remember. So, people make a lot of preparations to make this day special. But sometimes such a funny incident happens on the occasion of a wedding, which is enough to grab people’s attention on social media.

Now watch this video which is going viral. The wedding ceremony was going on, when an uninvited guest, a monkey, entered. Seeing what will happen after that, you will also say – oh brother, it has become a memorable marriage. Read trending news here.

This viral video seems to have been shot in a city in South India. The people of the internet are going crazy laughing after seeing the viral clip. In the video you can see that the groom is sitting on the ground during the wedding ceremony. Both are pouring yellow rice on each other’s heads. But just then a monkey enters and whatever happens, everyone present is shocked to see him. Then they stop laughing too. We won’t tell you what the monkey did next. For that you have to watch this video yourself.

During the wedding ceremony, even the groom would not have thought that an uninvited guest monkey would disturb the fun of the ceremony. Meanwhile, the bride’s reaction is also worth watching. We are sure that you will also be mesmerized after watching this video.

This very funny incident that happened during the wedding was shared on the social media platform Instagram by an account named telugu.beats_1_4_3. How much people are liking this video, you can guess from the fact that so far more than two and a half lakh people have liked the clip.

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