‘Friendly Price’ for Soul Fitness

by Ana Lopez

Fit Soul -Dr. Mayank Shah

For happiness and prosperity in life, the education of character and mind is very necessary. Character relates to our practical person and psyche to our spiritual personality. The combination of both personalities becomes the foundation of an ideal life. The cultivation of four essential spiritual qualities is mentioned in order to visit this Brahma Lok. Our character-mind is shaped by the four virtues of friendship, compassion, joy and mediation.
At present, instead of understanding friendship as a spiritual form, we are understanding friendship as a narrowness of likes and dislikes towards a person. Cultivating friendship is both a practice and an achievement. In whom the fountains of friendship flow, he is liked by all and is himself joyful.
What is friendship?
‘Friendship’ is a natural virtue which inspires goodwill and good behavior in all living beings towards one another. Friendship has three main characteristics. (1) Beneficence – When a living being thinks for the benefit of another living being, acts for its benefit. Expresses happiness for their progress. (2) Sadvyavahara-when there is respect for other living beings and they are treated with respect. (3) Sympathy- when there is a feeling for the suffering of another person and a feeling of doing good to him.
Friendship calms the mind, and one feels atmananda. Even in the aura of those persons who feel love and peace in whose hearts friendship is established, this energy also purifies the atmosphere. Even a violent animal becomes calm under the influence of such energy.
Cultivation of friendship
The practice of friendship is also a form of penance. Simple instructions of Maitri Sadhana Vigyan are available to the aspirant eager for its achievement.
1) Let’s know the mantra that earns friendship value-
‘All the best to you’
‘May all your sorrows be relieved’
2) Set goals for our spirit
– First of all you make friends with yourself
– After that make friends with relatives
– Then make friends with your relatives
– Look at the whole society with friendliness
– Express friendliness even towards opponents or persons who are annoying to us.
– and finally make friends with the entire universe.
3) Work diligently for the benefit of all.
Benefits of Maitri Bhav Many beautiful results can be seen in the life of its seeker through Maitri Bhav.
1) You will be able to sleep comfortably
2) Everyone will like it
3) Bright will shine on the face
4) Spine muscle pain will subside
5) Mental stress will decrease
6) There will be benefit in many diseases
7) Auspicious events will be attracted in life
Make it the goal of life to cultivate the spirit of friendship. A combination of compassion, joy and moderation will create an excellent character. Such character will become the foundation for our upliftment. The belief that our welfare is in the welfare of all will become the cause of universal welfare! A

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