Fortnite Warm Up & Edit Courses List – Best Practice Maps! (January 2023)

by Ana Lopez

U.S Fortnite Warm Up and Edit Courses List guide goes through the best options in Creative Mode to prepare you to play the game. These courses are great for practicing and preparing for battle. We’ll be updating this list regularly to add better ones and remove some of the old ones, so be sure to check back!

Warm up Fortnite and edit card code list

Best Fortnite warm up and edit course codes

Edit Course Chapter 4

Image via Pan_GO

Edit course Chapter 4 updated Card code: 5584-6778-0648

It is not always appropriate to load up old aiming workouts to practice aiming, as they often lack essential features available in the current season. As a result, you may not achieve the desired result that you can expect from these targeted workouts. This is where PAN_GO’s Edit Course comes in as a boon as it contains all the new game items and mechanical changes introduced in the latest Chapter 4. If you’re serious about editing and warming up your practice, then this editing should be a daily affair before you jump into ranked mode.

Box PVP 2023

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Box PVP 2023 Card code: 8335-3840-4832

One of the combat techniques or aspects that most players overlook in Fortnite is the boxing fights. This underestimation causes people to lose simple close quarters battles that could have been crucial for their team. So if you are a regular victim of such scenarios, you should take a look at the Box PVP card room. The Box PVP map space is precisely intended to improve players’ game mechanics in close-quarters combat due to its closed architecture that only allows for close range combat. We highly recommend the card to players who are serious about improving their skills in any combat style.

Pro 1v1

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Pro 1v1 Card Code: 6086-5650-3647

Pro 1v1 is a brand new warm up and edit course game from Fhocks. At first glance, it may look like a traditional crafting card in terms of gameplay and building scenarios. But what sets Pro 1v1 apart from the rest are the vibrant surrounding themes that players can choose and implement. Let it be the gloomy night style or the shiny morning skybox. Each little theme makes the map room look chic and adds an immersive value to the mundane task of warming up/building.

1v1 Build battles

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

1v1 Build Battles Map Code: 1834-0431-4852

Build-up battles are often considered the best way to warm up for competitive play, as it prepares you for what you’ll find at the end of most matches. When there are only a few players left, you often have to focus on direct reflexes and good editing skills to take out your opponent first. While not all endgame battles are 1v1, this is still the best way to warm up and practice your edits.

Candook’s ultimate warm-up card

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Candook’s ultimate warm-up card code: 2338-7889-8904

Candook is a legendary mapmaker on Fortnite Creative who has garnered a cult following for his dozens of quality maps. Edit courses became an instant hit with players when building became a big part of Battle Royale, and this all-in-one map quickly made it to the top of many Best Of lists due to its versatility – it functions as a target workout, warm – Up, and edit course! If you need some practice in Fortnite, you’ll want to keep this map on your favorites list.

Percy’s editing world

Percy’s Edit World Map Code: 1430-2310-1162

This is an incredible map packed with content, perfect for those of us who need options and want to expand our skill level in multiple scenarios. There are multiple courses to master, regardless of your expertise in the game. Whether you’re playing as a new player trying to improve your ’90s spinning ability or you just want to update your (supposedly) perfect editing skills, you’ll find what you need in Percy’s Edit World.

Edit pump wars

Image via Regirom

Edit Pump Wars card code: 1478-6145-6503

Edit Pump Wars perfectly sums up what most players look for when they want a Warm-Up Edit map. It’s appeared on Fortnite’s Discovery menu multiple times – often for months at a time. It gets your heart pumping with each round of close combat, while getting you in the mindset to quickly switch between fighting and editing, just like you’ll often find in those intense situations at the end of a competitive match.

Ultimate warm up and exercise card

Ultimate Warmup and Practice Folder Code: 1198-7857-6250

The word “ultimate” is often seen when searching titles of the edit course map, which can discourage many players from bothering to try them. But, Ultimate Warmup & Practice Map of Kevzter really lives up to its name by offering players a huge choice of ways to practice their combat skills in Fortnite. You’ll find three different levels of Edit Courses, 1v1 skirmishes, piece mastery training, and much more!

Warm-up course Solo

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Warm-up Course Solo Card Code: 9597-1873-8450

True to its name, Warm Up Course Solo is best played alone. This is a challenging editing card that spends a lot of time testing your vertical editing skills. If you’re playing to play Solos, this map is perfect for helping you get in the zone and prime your close combat reflexes!

Machining and warming up aim part check

Image via JustsayWolf

Edit piece check and target heat up card code: 3917-0476-8838

Chapter 3 introduced a host of new mechanics to Fortnite Battle Royale, meaning players have new strategies to master and techniques to use. This map is currently one of the few maps that takes into account the new game mechanics. It offers its players a large number of option courses, including Glide edit courses, Piece check and of course your standard warm up edits!

Warm up | Aim, edit, build

Warm up | Aim, edit, build map code: 3925-1383-1933

The developer of this map appears to be new to making Fortnite maps, but they’ve entered the creative scene in impressive fashion. On this map, you have many options at your disposal to perfect your Fortnite skills. While the design would suggest that this map is aimed at players who want to warm up to themselves, the multitude of editing paths you can take makes it possible to compete with your friends more than once and see who can customize and edit masterfully. a way through each course!

Tryhard Edit course

Previews of Tryhard Edit courses in Fortnite

This is a three-part editing course that ranges from easy mode to hard mode for players to practice on. Players can select the course they feel best suits their needs, be it to warm up or really challenge themselves and improve their performance while editing. Challenge yourself to complete each course in record time, then move on to the next one when you think you’re ready!

Simple Tryhard Edit Course Map code: 3692-0671-2791
Medium Tryhard Edit Coursee card code: 5044-1947-7391
Difficult Tryhard Edit Coursee card code: 7541-8490-7737

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