Fortnite v23.20 Patch Notes

by Ana Lopez

The Fortnite v23.20 patch notes are here for everyone to read, with some pretty big additions coming. From a new type of grenade to an all-new reconnaissance drone, there’s plenty to be excited about with the Fortnite Chapter 4 mid-season update. Keep reading to learn all about what’s new in the Fortnite v23.20 patch notes.

Fortnite v23.20 Patch Notes

Falcon Scout and Bush bomb

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The v23.20 update sees the addition of the Falcon Scout drone Fortnite battle royale. This can fly high in the sky and will be a valuable tool for reconnaissance, especially when you have to choose whether or not to fight.

If you are skilled with it, the Falcon Scout can also be used in combat. Pick up downed players to finish them off a height or take them to safety for a hasty recovery. Click here for more information about the Falcon Scout.

There’s a new grenade in town with the Bush Bomb. This new item is capable of creating cover out of thin air and can block the view in no time. Click here for more information on the Bush bomb.

New reality improvements

New reality improvements

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There are five new Reality Augments that players can use during matches. Two of them are Siphon abilities, a returning mechanic from old Timed Modes. Click here for more information about Siphon in Fortnite.

Here are all new Reality Augments added Fortnite in v23.20:

  • Shotgun attacker – Shotguns surrender hits against players.
  • Rarity check – You win siphoning on eliminations with common or unusual weapons.
  • The Sack of Peely – Receive a treasure map that will lead you to buried treasure.
  • No chance – Temporarily gain the Zero Point dash ability every time you break an enemy’s shield.
  • Danger hero – Shortly recover Health and gain movement speed when your Shield breaks.

Hired characters hitch a ride

Fortnite v23.20 fixes a huge bug that has plagued players for ages. Hired characters can now ride as passengers in vehicles, so you no longer have to leave them behind. Helsie and Raptorian the Brave are sure to thank you for taking them along for the ride!

Competitive notes

As new Reality Augments come in Fortnite Battle Royale, not all of them come to competitive playlists. Epic Games has decided to leave ‘Rarity Check’ out of the Augment pool in competitive matches. It only appears in standard lobbies.

Important bug fixes

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Fortnite v23.20 brings with it a host of bug fixes that should hopefully improve gameplay. Here are all the issues that need to be resolved now:

  • Fixed the issue that caused us to disable the Deku Smash in Battle Royale/Zero Build. The Deku Smash has been re-enabled in Battle Royale/Zero Build.
  • Fixed issues related to cloaking where players would sometimes be flung across the map.
  • Fixed an issue where sprinting was disabled in some cases during a match.
  • Reality Augments can be unlocked again by teammates.
  • Players can again consistently damage objects with their pickaxe.
  • Players can now select Reality Augments while on a dirt bike.
  • Players can now use the Guardian Shield while sitting on the back of an OG Bear pickup truck or dirt bike.

That’s all you need to know about the Fortnite v23.20 patch notes. Keep reading GGRecon for more Fortnite guides.

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