Fortnite Murder Mystery Codes (January 2023)

by Ana Lopez

If you’re looking for the best Murder Mystery maps in Fortnite for you and your friends, look no further! In our Murder Mystery Codes list, we offer the best cards for you to enjoy and challenge you to trick and take down your fellow players. Our list collects the best cards based on popularity, design, and unique features. Whether you’re running or hunting, you’ll never get bored with these card codes!

List of Best Fortnite Murder Mystery Card Codes

Best Fortnite Murder Mystery Cards

Murder Mystery Sacramentum Slasher

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Hospital murder mystery Card code: 5423-3686-4108

The Sacramentum Slasher is a perfect escape for players who are tired of playing the murder mystery mode in a mansion or in a camp as the entire gameplay takes place on a nicely moving cruise ship. While the setting is refreshing, the gameplay is pretty standard, with the innocent workers trying to solve the missions around the ship, such as refueling the ship, while the killer hunts them down before completing their task. The gameplay is solid and everything functions as intended. We highly recommend the title to casual players who want to play regularly with different settings.

Hospital murder mystery

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Hospital murder mystery Card code: 0238-5871-1690

From the moment you load up the map room, the hospital murder mystery feels like a game you’ve already played and mastered. It is mainly due to its resemblance to the popular mobile game Super Sus, from whom the developers took inspiration to design the entire gameplay. Like Super Sus, the hospital’s playroom also allows users to take on roles like a spy, nurse, and detective, with each character having certain perks apart from the default innocent. This amalgamation of character roles makes for a more complex yet enjoyable gameplay experience in finding the impostor than the linear design of two people: the impostor and the innocent.

The mystery of the power plant murder

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The mystery of the power plant murder Card code: 2408-3812-2093

The Power Plant is one of the few maps in the murder mystery category with a rational storyline woven into the gameplay. The power plant is collapsing and you have only 8 minutes to prevent the apocalypse by completing certain missions related to the innocent workers. In the same case, there is also a killer on the loose trying to prevent the workers from restoring the reactor to its stable form. This thrilling story combined with the solid traditional gameplay makes Power Plant a must choice for murder mystery fans.

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Munchker’s Mansion Murder Mystery

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Munchker’s Mansion Murder Mystery Card code: 1785-2000-5429

Murder Mystery cards are often hosted in extravagant mansions, and Munchker’s Mansion Murder Mystery plays on that cliché: it’s one murderer, one detective, and several innocent would-be victims with a complete inability to trust anyone around them. The detective must follow the clues in the mansion as the killer discreetly tries to take out the crew. Which one will succeed?

Mystery Mansion – Murder mystery

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Mystery Mansion – Murder Mystery Card Code: 8543-4742-5238

Mystery Mansion is definitely a classic in the Murder Mystery genre for Fortnite maps, and despite its age, it remains one of the maps players turn to when they want to play a deception outside of Impostors. It contains all the standard expectations of a Murder Mystery card, which means that as an innocent person you will have to run and hide a lot – there are no special roles. If you wanted a classic murder mystery experience that’s still packed with players, you’ll find it here!

Slasher camp

Slasher Camp card code: 4231-5223-3996

If you’ve ever played an asymmetrical horror game like Dead by Daylight or Prop Night, you’ll have the same fun with Slasher Camp. This is a Survivors vs Killers game where the goal of the Survivors is to hide while the killer waits to be released and escape if ever found. The biggest difference between this and other Murder Mystery games (and arguably the best part of the game) is that the survivors can work together to take down the killer before they’re taken out!

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Ultimate Murder Mystery

Ultimate Murder Mystery Card Code: 0124-5841-7849

Ultimate Murder Mystery is a wildly popular deception map that was featured not only on the Fortnite Discover menu, but also on the official Fortnite YouTube channel! The map’s trailer was viewed several million times, which greatly increased the map’s popularity in the game. It plays like a classic Murder Mystery card with no frills and special abilities: you are the murderer, the sheriff or an innocent. What this card lacks in special features it makes up for in fun! It’s the ideal map to start with if you’re new to the Murder Mystery genre in Fortnite creative.

Night Fighter – Sacrifice

Image via Shdleo

Night Fighter – Sacrifice Card Code: 4937-3733-1628

In this map, you and several other survivors must try to stay alive until dawn, while hunters (played by other people) track you down to take you out. Serving as both a horror card and a killer card, this card stands out from most typical murder mystery cards and can easily get your heart racing as you try to run down the clock to escape!

The Blackout – Hunted

The Blackout – Hunted Card Code: 2775-2697-8614

Although originally released over a year ago, The Blackout remains one of the most engaging and popular Murder Mystery maps in Fortnite. As a Survivor, your goal is to collect resources to create buttons to turn on the main computer and escape! As a fighter, your goal is to prevent that by eliminating your opponents. Although it has less “Mystery” than other Murder Mystery games, this is still an ideal game to play if you like asymmetrical horror games.

Bloody Mines – Murder Mystery

Bloody Mines – Murder Mystery Map Code: 9736-4845-6318

The aesthetic of this murder mystery map is perhaps the best part about it. In Bloody Mines, you are placed in an abandoned mine where you must walk lightly and keep an eye out for the killer, who is controlled by another player. The mechanics are pretty standard, including the survivors, killer, and gun-wielding detective. If you’re looking for a brand new look on a map that follows the classic Murder Mystery mechanic, this one’s perfect for you!

Swap Murder

Murder exchange card code: 5893-2263-5834

This is a card with quite a twist! You have all the normal roles: innocent, sheriff and murderer. However, when the sheriff or murderer is eliminated, that role is switched for one of the innocent players. This adds a whole new dimension to this card style. You might trust a player once, but once the trade is done, you may not be able to trust them again! So this one keeps you on your toes and gives more players a chance to play the fun roles.

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Minecraft murder mystery

Code Minecraft Murder Mystery: 1892-1509-8081

If you like Minecraft and Fortnite then this combines them into one great looking map. It’s crazy how close they’ve looked to Minecraft. It’s especially similar if you’ve ever owned a flat Minecraft texture pack! This is another murder mystery where you can collect coins by doing different tasks like mining and collecting them from the auto farm. Use these coins to buy weapons to protect yourself from the killer!

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