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by Ana Lopez

Memes are now a big part of our culture, with everything from Peppa Pig to Bugs Bunny inadvertently falling into the cultural zeitgeist thanks to those fun, witty images. So it’s no surprise that there’s a veritable deluge of them Fortnite memes just waiting to cheer up any Fortnite fan and make fun of the many different aspects of the game that players love so much. Especially with so many characters and franchises represented, the game is a hotbed for hilarious gags.

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Prepare for a chuckle with our guide to Fortnite memes.

Fortnite memes

Fortnite memes: The famous Drake meme shows a player in Fortnite collapsing and dropping many weapons

Reviving friends

I wouldn’t know much about this as I rarely live longer than my friends. But I’m sure they’ll feel that way if I actually manage to steal something better than a gun. It may not be fun, but you have to do everything you can to win, right?

Fortnite memes: The famous tapping thehead meme shows text mentioning Fortnite not being played

Bad at Fortnite

If ever a meme spoke to me… I love Fortnite, but every season when I return I’m reminded that time is a cruel mistress, and my old hands just can’t spin fast enough to actually be one of the ten hit year-old sweats that live and breathe the game. So unless I’m logging in to spend way too much money on Dragon Ball skins, sometimes it pays to leave the game alone. I get called enough in my real life, I don’t need real kids doing it in my spare time.

Fortnite memes: An image shows a player sliding into Tilted Towers

Tilted Towers

We all have our favorite spots. In front of me it’s curled up on my couch, Switch in hand, booze within reach and anime on the television. Well, for many Fortnite players, it’s the area known as Tilted Towers (as and when it’s available), so that means landing there is a great bet. The search for weapons is hard enough at the best of times, but it gets even more exciting when all the players and their moms have dived into the fan favorite zone.

Fortnite memes: A man holds his hsnads in front of his wife's face, only to reveal he won at Fortnite

The woman is surprised

Imagine. You’ve been with your loving husband for years, you’ve built a life together, and now he spends a lot of time on the Switch instead of paying attention to you. The dishes are piling up, the bills need to be sorted, and for once you’d really love a back rub after toiling over a stove for hours making his favorite meals. He shouts “honey, I have a surprise for you, cover your eyes” and you run into the living room with the faint hope that this smelly man has done something good with his day.

But no, he raises his hands to excitedly reveal that he’s finally managed to win the game he’s been playing for months, finally beating enough prepubescent boys to claim the royal victory. Maybe Sarah was right, divorce is always an option.

Fortnite memes: Spongebob frantically smacks of wood

No build-up?

See, I can barely shoot at the best of times, so the single kill I get is a win in itself. So when I finally manage to get a shot, is there anything more daunting than watching your opponent pop up boards like Bob the Builder on too much Red Bull? Thank goodness for no build mode.

Fortnite memes: Homer from The Simpsons backs into a hedge

Hedging your bets

If anyone is unlucky enough to have me on their team, god forbid I somehow survive to the end. I’ve got all the drive of the cowardly lion, and as long as I’ve got something with longer range than a shotgun, I’ll hang about in the wilderness like Bear Grylls, my barrel excellent and wildly firing, hoping my adversary accidentally crosses my sights coming. I honestly can’t say I’ve won too many games.

Well, that’s it for now folks, we hope you enjoyed our collection of great Fortnite memes, and if this has got you in the mood to dive back into the game, we’ve got plenty of great guides for you. Be sure to read our articles about it Fortnite horror map codes and the Fortnite logo The next.

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