Fortnite Best Snipers vs Runners Map Codes (January 2023) – List of the best maps!

by Ana Lopez

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Snipers vs Runners maps have been in Fortnite since the early days of Fortnite Creative mode and are one of the most popular game mechanics in Fortnite’s Discovery tab. The objective in this game mode is to either snipe the Runners from a distance as a Sniper or dodge the Snipers’ bullets while trying to complete your objective as a Runner.

In our list below, we’ve put together the latest and greatest Snipers vs Runners maps Fortnite Creative has to offer! This list is often updated with the most popular and best-designed cards recently released, so be sure to check back if you’re ever looking for something new!

Best Fortnite Snipers vs Runners Maps

Runners vs Snipers: Theater of Dimensions

Runners vs Snipers Theater of Dimensions Card Code: 6953-6963-7491

Drivers vs snipers

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Drivers vs Snipers Card Code: 7467-1406-6184

The runners have decided to fight back (or rather ride back) against the snipers in this exciting twist on the Snipers vs Runners genre. Snipers must pick up their fast-moving targets while dodging them as they fly by. Drivers must dodge the sniper’s shots and perfectly position their jumps from the boost ramps to hit the snipers from their platforms! The only question is, are the snipers now the runners?

Snipers vs Runners – All seasons

Snipers vs Runners Card Code All Seasons: 8661-0893-4847

This is a card that does not favor the runners! Runners will have to dodge, duck, dive and dive through a course with limited space and many obstacles. While the myriad of objects provide good cover for the Runners, the Snipers will be able to pick them up easily as they try to reach the end. This map was made by an experienced mapmaker Jalfwho created several other Snipers vs Runners maps!

Snipers vs Runners Galactica

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Snipers vs Runners Galactica Card Code: 6990-3149-3776

Do your best to survive on a galactic sized map on Snipers vs Runners Galactica where you must dodge sniper bullets on 10 different levels. While you’re at it, collect as many coins as you can to win first place in the survival team. If you end up as a sniper, you’ll find it’s much easier to take out your opponents than on many other sniper maps because there’s very limited cover. With 10 levels you have enough time to stop the runners before they reach the end!

Snipers vs Climbers [Parkour]

Snipers vs Climbers Parkour Map Code: 6916-5197-9712

Snipers vs Climbers is a great map that offers the classic Snipers vs Runners mechanics but adds parkour. This adds difficulty to the game for both Snipers and Runners, but makes it much more satisfying when you succeed. Take the challenge to shoot down those pesky Runners on the space themed or dream themed maps and stop them from jumping to the top!

Snipers vs Runners – Adventure

Snipers vs Runners Adventure Card Code: 5482-0188-8603

Make your way through five levels with different themes in this fun and unique Snipers vs Runners map. Whether you’re a runner who cycles through different parts of the world to escape your sniper’s sights, or you’re the sniper who sees what new place your target will take you to, this is one of the best maps to help you test hide and seek skills. Can you explore your way to the end of the top floor without getting eliminated?

360 snipers vs runners

360 Snipers vs Runners card code: 8211-7200-6960

This Snipers vs Runners map is not for the faint of heart, whichever team you’re on. This map challenges your spatial awareness and forces you to be aware of Runner positions in a full circle around you. Make your way to the top of the map as a runner or have the freedom to look around and pick out any Sniper target in this dizzying take on the classic Snipers vs Runners genre!

Snipers vs Runners dollhouse

Snipers vs Runners Dollhouse Card Code: 2301-1112-2208

This may not be the first Snipers vs Runners map, but it’s one that made the genre stand out. Despite its simple design, this is one of the most played sniper cards and has held that title since these cards first started gaining traction. For many fans of the genre, this is often regarded as the gold standard against which other Snipers vs Runners maps are compared when players are looking for well-designed and heavily replayable sniping fun.

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