FIFA 23 Base Icon Player Pick SBC Solution

by Ana Lopez

If you want to prevent headaches, you really want the FIFA23 Base Icon Player Pick SBC solution we have here. Another Icon pack that SBC has gotten into FIFA, but it may not be the most attractive at this stage of the game. So read on below to see all the objectives, rewards and the cheapest one FIFA23 Base Icon Player Pick SBC Solution.

FIFA 23 Basic Icon Player Choose SBC Objectives

If there’s anything in it FIFA that unites the player base in chaos, they are Icon SBCs. A raffle for champions that more often than not ends in heartbreak, each guaranteed Icon SBC is sure to set the hearts of any Ultimate Team enthusiast on fire.

While this particular SBC is made by handing out basic icons only, it still gives you the chance to bring some really valuable players – even if they might not be the best of the bunch. However, because it’s so desirable and you can eventually turn it into a really good player, it’s unfortunately quite a challenge to complete. Fortunately, we’ve got all the details you need below.

Here are all four objectives you need to complete for the FIFA23 Basic icon Player choice SBC:

  • 85-rated squad
    • Minus OVR of 87: Minus one
    • Selection Rating: Min 85
    • # of players in the squad: 11
  • 86-rated squad
    • Minimum OVR of 88: Min 1
    • Selection score: 86
    • # of players in the squad: 11

As you can see, this particular SBC is surprisingly easy to fill out, and luckily all you have to do is fill in the gaps with the right ratings. Knowing how far you can stretch that and which players to pick up can really go a long way in keeping costs down even more. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered below.

In addition, this SBC expires at January 9Bee 18:00 GMT so you have some time to think about it and spare if you want to try your luck at the Base Icon Player Pick.

FIFA 23 Base Icon Player Pick SBC Rewards

Here are the rewards you can get for completing the FIFA23 Base icon Player choice SBC:

  • Small Prime Gold player pack
  • Premium Gold Players Pack

Of course, while these aren’t the best rewards guaranteed to complement your investment, you never know what might turn up that could end up being better than the SBC itself. Who else can say no to free packs!

FIFA 23 Base Icon Player Pick SBC Solution

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As mentioned, while the live SBC objectives aren’t quite as challenging as some of the advanced puzzle SBCs, the real skill is in knowing how to stretch the required ratings the furthest and which cards to pick up cheaply. We’ve got you covered with the full FIFA23 Base Icon Player However, choose an SBC solution here so you don’t have to worry about any potential headaches you could incur.

While the solution we provide below may be the cheapest option if you’re buying from scratch, nine times out of ten you’ll save money by using players already in your club if you can. This is especially true for an SBC this expensive, as any way you can save money would be greatly appreciated.

However, here is the cheapest FIFA23 Base Icon Player Pick SBC solution you can pick up now:

85-rated squad

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  • WW Weghorst
  • David Silva
  • Zapata
  • Kovacic
  • WW Boateng
  • Firmino
  • Oyarzabal
  • Unay Simon
  • Assemble
  • Iago Aspas
  • Sergio Busquets

Estimated cost: 59,000 coins

86-rated squad

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  • Hradecky
  • WW Weghorst
  • Hojbjerg
  • Baumann
  • WW Boateng
  • stairs
  • Loris
  • Muniain
  • Duckweed
  • Dzeko
  • Handanovic

Estimated cost: 95,000 coins

As you can see, the total cost of the FIFA23 Base Icon Player Pick SBC comes around 154,000 coins, which isn’t great considering the power of most of the base icons at this stage of the game. While a choice of three cards reduces the chance of getting the worst cards, you still need something pretty big to make the investment worthwhile.

That completes this guide to the FIFA23 Base Icon Player Pick SBC solution, which lets you know the cheapest way to take on the latest challenge in the game. If you want to see the rest of us FIFA23 However, for SBC solutions, make sure you have a colleague in our guide to everything we’ve covered so far.

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