by Ana Lopez

The old budget was deliberately read to check whether MLAs are awake or asleep in the assembly

Flying talk – Bharata Vaishnav

Girdharbhai. What is Budget? Raju Radhi took out a booklet from the red suitcase and asked me. Raju is an encyclopedia for Radi. He privately considers me a robot or artificial intelligence!! Chatpgt that the board believes.
Raju, Budget is a magic of statistics. In which the common man is fine, but chartered accountants or experts also eat Gotha. The Finance Minister presents a rosy picture of the country’s economy. Budget estimates are never accurate. I called the budget confusion.
Girdharbhai, where will the rupees come from in the budget? It has estimates. Where will the rupee go in the budget? There may be estimates, but there is never a cross-reference of whose money the rupee will be ripped off and looted. In the same way, crores of poor-middle class will be squeezed like sugarcane and the rupees will go to Adani-Ambani-Bichani’s pythons like pythons, the details are also not given!! In terms of purchasing power of the rupee, there are no details on whether the principal-interest-interest of foreign loans will be spent on repayment. Raju did the post mortem of the dead body named Budget !!!
In the guise of Raju Vikas, people are being burdened with heavy taxes. If Raju is not going to cancel the use of Meerut Express, why should Raju pay the tax? What is the purpose of paying GST or other gabbering tax on income after paying legal tax on your income?? Kautilya has said that the king should collect taxes from the people as a bumblebee sips honey from a flower. Here, the beetles understand the flower, but they suck the leaves, branches, trunk and even the roots of the tree like poisoned!! However, Prajavatsalta is called for!!! I told Raju Radhi about the nature of the budget.
Girdharbhai, we have the saying ‘letting the cat out of the bag’ or ‘the rat that dug the hill’ fits perfectly on the budget. It is not known whether the Finance Minister is taking out a cockroach or a mole from the budget bag. How can a government produce a blueprint for a period of five years, whether it is for twenty-five years or thirty years, in black and white? Public enterprises like white elephants or dinosaurs rather than losses should bribe their friends with water prices in the name of disinvestment. It’s ok. Selling off profitable enterprises, even those essential to national security, is a pattern of bankruptcy. For such a job, more sleep time than working for eighteen hours, friends… B Kumbhakarn!! Ease of doing is a ploy to make the wealthy more wealthy. Ease of doing doesn’t include building a school building for the children who are studying without a house, building a good road, building a hospital etc. if delivery is done on the way before reaching the maternity hospital due to the big pothole on the Disco road?? Raju expressed outrage!!
Raju, the document known as budget consists of two parts Part-A and Part-B and one sheet contains the income and expenditure sheet. Part A contains proposals for fund allocation. In Part B, there is a proposal to reduce the tax increase! Exam and job exam papers explode like firecrackers. Since independence till today, the budget has not exploded even once. The work of the government is slow, rags are like carts or bulls. The budget is printed in the government press. However, in order not to leak the budget, Babu’s mobile phones associated with the budget are seized and kept under house arrest until the budget is presented. It is our government pride and achievement that our budget exam papers are not leaked!! I told Raju about Abheda Budget.
Girdharbhai, Budget is such an unfortunate document. Which without reading the ruling party means that the Treasury Bench builds Niagara Falls or Bhakra Nangal Bridge of appreciation. Sail ships of praise in the sand. While the friends of the opposition are also waving their swords of criticism in the air like Don Quixote without reading the budget!! No official can please everyone. Offends more than it pleases. In short, like the bride and groom, the budget also does not get a boost. Of course, Jash gets a liar instead!! Raju shares Karam Kahani!!
Raju, budget formulation is a constitutional process as per the provisions of the constitution. Debate on budget proposals, cut proposals, approving the budget by voice vote, the budget is approved when the Governor or President signs the budget bill, gazette notification. After the implementation of GST, the power to approve tax increase or decrease has gone from the Parliament and has gone to the GST Council. The sovereignty of Parliament was abolished
is Now only allocation of funds has to be done in the budget. Parliament can increase or reduce taxes other than those covered by GST. After the Supreme Court’s verdict, the GST Council has become advisory. Thus, Roaring Lion has become the famous lion of the circus! I said with a broken heart. Now a state finance minister deliberately read the old budget to check whether MLAs are awake or asleep in the assembly – Every thing fair in love, war and budget!!!
So, what is new in the budget apart from statistics, shayari jokes? A rich man has a story of loss of wealth. Instead of eradicating poverty, poverty is eradicated. In the name of providing employment, there are Jahampanah recipes of frying pakoras or making tea from drain gas. Talking about natural farming, Bt seeds have a trick to give air!! I don’t use onion garlic so I have nothing to do with onion garlic prices going up. Fiscal deficit has increased in the budget crisis, expenditure has increased against income, government debt has increased even though the budget is surplus! Such a deed of Hudini or K. Can’t make red magician but can make India red!!! There was a tornado in the Assembly House. However, as Ho Ha closed, he went back to read the new budget. Which was worse than calling the other one good!!!

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