Eversoul Naiah Guide – Everything you need to know

by Ana Lopez

Looking for an Eversoul Naiah guide? We’ve got you covered. Check out our guide below where we’ve included all the information you need. Since the game is new at the moment, we plan to add even more content to this article soon! We are currently playing the game to get our own hands-on experience with Eversoul’s characters.

Eversoul is a brand new gacha RPG that focuses on strategic combat. Collect different characters – each with a stylish anime portrait. These characters are called Souls and they must be strategically placed in battle depending on their type.

There is also a nice system where you can run your own town. Since you have become the lord of Arkenine, you can now assign part-time jobs. Keep the city clean during the day and defeat dangerous hordes of monsters at night.

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Eversoul Naiah guide

Now let’s move on to our character guide to Naiah.

The base

  • Type: Fairy
  • Rarity: Epic
  • Class: caster
  • gear type: INT
  • Alias: Sweet dream


  • To sleep
  • Loves dreamcatchers and pillows
  • Does not like insomnia


  • To the Endless Dream – Ultimate Skill
    • Locks enemies in an eternal dream
    • Deals damage equal to 260% of the attack to all enemies and puts them to sleep for a total of 4 seconds
  • Dream-Eating Fairy – Sub-Ability
    • The dream fairy, Max, eats other people’s dreams
    • Deals damage to enemies equal to 140% of the attack
    • When the enemy is asleep, it absorbs up to 12% of the target’s max HP
  • Time to say goodnight – Main
    • Sings a lullaby that induces sleep
    • Dealts damage equal to 220% of the attack to the enemy
  • Dream Powder – Passive
    • Naiah’s attacks make the enemy sleepy
    • Enemies hit by 7 of Naiah’s normal attacks are put to sleep for a total of 3.5 seconds
    • Attacks the enemy with the highest attack
    • Deals damage equal to 130% of the attack and puts them to sleep for a total of 4 seconds (50% chance)

Naiah artifact

  • Dust from Sandman
    • Attacks the enemy with the highest attack
    • Dealts damage equal to 130% of the attack and puts them to sleep for 4 seconds (has a 50% chance)

After upgrading this artifact to level 6, Naiah’s overall mana recovery will be 2000.

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