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by Ana Lopez

Be aware of spoilers here The last of us Episode 2 review.

After a great series premiere, The last of us’ the second episode is much more intimate, as in the chapters of its video game counterpart – as Joel and Tess embark on a journey to retrieve Ellie from the remains of Boston. Nevertheless, the strengths of the adaptation shown in Episode 1 are just as evident in the second appearance.

Gripping fungal science

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Seemingly a trend now at the start of each episode, Episode 2 treats us to another of The last of us series’ most fascinating additions: a prelude before or on the day of the outbreak.

This time we focus on an expert on the cordyceps fungus and see its evolved effect on humans. We’re getting an extension of an element that’s engaging in different ways depending on whether you’re a The last of us veteran or a newcomer.

As the latter becomes intrigued by the aptly explained biology behind the apocalypse and the tension that accompanies it, those who have played the games gain a greater understanding of the anomaly of the infected. spurs to tendrils. Giving additional context to what’s happening in the upcoming episode is just as engaging as we learn more.

While some players of the games may have appreciated the history of the outbreak with an air of mystery by not going into so much detail, the look at the history of the lore is an example of a change in a franchise that fits the medium it is being played in. is adapted , and one in which everyone wins (except, of course, humanity).

More Bella, more chemistry

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Now that we have more time with Ellie after only a short time in the series debut, we’ll have ample opportunity to enjoy Bella Ramsay’s signature take on the role. That’s, of course, along with the signature feisty back-and-forth between her and Pedro Pascal’s now-iconic Joel Miller – assured by show co-creator and game writer/co-director and developer Naughty Dog’s co-president Neil Druckmann , in the director’s chair for the episode.

Another nice but this time subtle difference that we’re noticing more of is that the dial on Ellie’s sassy attitude is turned up a few steps earlier than in the game. Through additional clashes with Joel’s skepticism about her cordyceps immunity and Tess’ short fuse, the dynamic between the three gives way to some top notch dry humour without going overboard and feeling inorganic.

A good looking Apocalypse

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At one point in the episode, Tess mentions how the city looks different in daylight much to Ellie’s surprise, as if we were about to mirror that reaction. That’s because on the same scale as Episode 1’s breathtaking plane crash, The last of us’ budget has clearly been put to work in the right direction by immaculately re-capturing the game’s portrayed scale and long-term impact of the city’s destruction and decay.

From bomb craters and half-fallen buildings to overgrown foliage shrouding the ruins and abandoned cars, the show increasingly introduces us to an urban world devastated and forgotten by the apocalypse and time respectively. for newcomers, it is visually captivating. For players who have become viewers, it’s captivating to see how Naughty Dog’s meticulously crafted world has been tweaked in such detail.

The horror just clicked

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While deviations from the game in translation to TV are still welcome, The last of us show has so far known when to stick with what came before – if it better serves the adjustment in playing to the genre’s strengths in a given scene.

While some of the game’s equivalent quieter moments are poignantly revamped, like Joel and Ellie looking ahead at the Old State House, it’s in delving into horror where The Last of Us Episode 2 shines.

In a certain closed building that players will be very familiar with, we see the live-action debut of the game’s signature monster: the Clickers. A demonstration of the series adaptations masterful makeup and effects ward at work, the blind but ferocious infected is just as, if not more, terrifying to look at than any we’ve seen them before – right down to the eerie croaking shrieks hunting for its victims.

Zooming in on what makes a Clicker so terrifying to encounter quickly sets the stage for not only a glimpse into another layer of what makes this world so terrifying, but also a suspenseful horror show elevated by skillful close -up and sparingly used cinematography with shaky cameras – conveying the chaos and panic of such an encounter.

Changes to match the episode’s biggest scene

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Different directions of the source material in The Last of Us may be from major to minor, but so far they’ve all served a well-reasoned or dramatically effective purpose. In the episode two previews, they can be as miniscule as can be communicate the effort better in the game. Still, none undermined the impact of the game’s scenes that inspired its creation.

In this case, Anna Torv’s Tess was a highlight of the episode in its own right. With as gritty, no-nonsense demeanor and a gray sense of right and wrong underneath as we’ve seen Tess before, Torv seamlessly carries the dramatic and emotional weight of the character’s toughest scene on her shoulders.

What’s more, by taking full advantage of the small story changes, Episode 2’s biggest scene ultimately leaves an impact even greater than the game’s – complemented by additional overtones of fear and tragedy.

Is The Last of Us Episode 2 any good?

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A follow-up chapter that in its smaller scale doesn’t lose steam on the premiere, The last of us Episode 2 ends up being even better than the first – courtesy of the established dynamic between Joel, Ellie, and Tess, along with both the silent and horror-driven moments that follow.

Changes from the source material are more noticeable in Episode 2, but it’s clear that these narrative tweaks only enhance the adaptation in translation to a live-action series, while preserving the game’s core storylines and what made them so beloved. made.


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