Epic Games Launches Postparty, a Fortnite Clip Sharing App • businessupdates.org

by Ana Lopez

Modern gaming now offers persistent online worlds and graphics that rival reality, but sharing gameplay videos or even screenshots is still a bear for some reason.

Aware of that pain point and always eager to make its colorful virtual game worlds even more appealing, Epic Games has just launched a clip-sharing app called Postparty. The app, now available for iOS and Androidgives people who play Epic titles Fortnite and Rocket League a way to easily share gameplay clips on social media.

Sharing gameplay highlights is already possible, of course, but the process is surprisingly clunky and platform-dependent as it stands. Epic’s new app invites Fortnite players to share clips from Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and PC, unifying that process into a central app. The app is also available for Rocket League, the company’s popular football-but-cars title, but only for Xbox and Playstation for now (PC and Switch support is “on the way” soon).

With the new app, gameplay capture on a console or PC will be zapped to a clip library in Postparty, where the video can be trimmed, edited and beamed to social channels. Epic notes that Fortnite players will see new prompts after each in-game kill asking them to join Postparty so they can share key gameplay moments. And of course, every Fortnite player who downloads the app and links their account will receive a special in-game Fortnite skin, spray and wrap.

The app appears to be built by Houseparty developer Life on Air. Epic Games bought the group video chat app in 2019, but discontinued it in late 2021, though it always seemed like we’d see the team or technology resurface in Epic’s ambitious gaming universe.

As many so-called metaverse companies fixate on virtual reality, Epic Games has been steadily building out the tools and services future metaverse residents want to use now. The company seems well aware that a seamless social world is the real driver of success in a multiplayer game – and that the boundaries of that world can extend beyond the game itself, involving other players in the process.

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