Enjoy high-speed thrills on the go with ROG Phone 6

by Ana Lopez

Welcome to the latest Mobile Must Plays, presented by ROG phone 6. This time we’re looking at some exciting high-speed racers, including the retro arcade racer Horizon Chase, the chaotic demolition derby Wreckfest and the serene flying game Race the Sun.

While all genres benefit from a souped-up handset, racers are a particularly big showpiece for the ROG Phone 6. In addition to its high refresh rate and beautiful screen, ROG Phone 6 makes racing games feel great with its unique AirTrigger buttons. These invisible triggers perfectly mimic the feel of traditional controller shoulder buttons, allowing you to press the throttle and the brake with precision.

Horizon pursuit

For all you oldies out there, check out this beautiful arcade racer that harkens back to the good old days of Out Run arcade sessions. With beautiful and varied environments and a palpable sense of speed, this racer is just fun, simple and straightforward.

The game’s range of classic sports cars are tuned to perfection and incredibly maneuverable, making them a joy to drive. The retro visuals are combined with an authentic soundtrack produced by Barry Leitch, who provided the sounds for classic titles Top Gear, Lotus 2 and Rush 2.

ROG Phone 6’s high refresh rate display combined with the innovative AirTriggers provide a uniquely immersive racing experience on the go. The two ultrasonic buttons support different gestures and are sensitive to how hard you press, meaning you can enjoy console-level gameplay wherever you are.

Wreck party

If you like fast, fun and frantic racers then Wreckfest is the game for you. Following the tire tracks of the Burnout series, Wreckfest is all about speed and destruction, with destroying your vehicle often being just as much fun as driving it to victory.

All vehicles have satisfyingly tough handling, which makes it all the more delightful when you watch them collide in spectacular scenes of carnage. There’s a lengthy career mode to enjoy, splitting your time between racing and crashing in the style of demolition derbies, alongside plenty of other additional arcade modes that are happy to devour hours if you let them.

And there’s no better way to experience the joy of destruction than on ROG’s new ultra-powerful gaming phone. With its high fidelity screen and high frame rate, you can watch every piece of shrapnel fade into oblivion in all its high definition glory. When drafting those massive crashes, you’ll greatly benefit from the AirTrigger controls, making the mobile version of this insanely fun game almost indistinguishable from the console versions. You could even combine ROG Phone 6 with a Kunai Gamepad to take even more control over your destruction.

Race against the sun

If cars aren’t your thing (or if you just want something different from four wheels), check out the one-of-a-kind aerial racer, Race the Sun. This beautiful, minimalist title takes players to the skies as they sail through beautiful and colorful environments and try to avoid cunningly placed obstacles.

The sense of speed and freedom you get as you soar through the air is truly unparalleled and there are plenty of collectibles and additional challenges to take on once you’ve completed each track. Tracks change daily, so there is always something new to discover.

The clean and colorful style of the game shines brilliantly on the vibrant screen of ROG Phone 6, bringing unparalleled immersion in a portable environment. You’ll be amazed by the color as you hurtle freely through the game’s many beautiful courses and the 165Hz refresh rate helps convey that sense of speed as you use the AirTriggers to blast your way through your favorite courses .

If you care about high-quality gaming on the go, then you owe it to yourself to pick up the incredible ROG Phone 6. Its vast array of unique gaming features make it a cut above your average handset. The AirTriggers enable console-quality controls and the optimized display enhances every game you throw at it, making it the ultimate portable gaming machine.

Check out the ROG Phone 6 and these great Android games for yourself today.

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