Enjoy a trip to Varnai in the upcoming Tears of Themis Cozy Couple’s Getaway I event

by Ana Lopez

As the spring breeze blows away the winter solstice, Tears of Themis invites players to join the Cozy Couple’s Getaway I event on February 6, 2023, which takes you and him on a romantic getaway to Varnai. Accompany Vyn Richter to relax amidst the mesmerizing waves and vibrant skies of Crystal Island, which has earned the nickname “Rose of the Sea”. Or trek through the beautiful Ganrye Mountains with Marius von Hagen and immerse yourself in the rich tea culture under the lotus lamps that shine like stars in the sky.

During the event, players can choose to go on vacation with Vyn or Marius. Each itinerary offers a plethora of romantic experiences in scenic spots, and completing them will trigger exclusive voice messages and mysterious events. Players who complete both journeys during the event period can earn coveted rewards, including the limited “Full of Emotions” badge, S-chips and exclusive event R cards named Vyn “Bright Flame” and Marius “Flower Fragrance”.

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A Shadow of Themis event will also run in conjunction, with Cozy Couple’s Getaway themed cards at rate-up: Vyn SSR “Sunset-Dyed Sand” and Marius SSR “Wishing Star.” In addition, eager players can purchase Cozy Couple’s Getaway I Dynamic Invitations featuring Vyn and Marius from the Mall, with a limited time sale for the first 48 hours of the event.

Tears of Themis is a detective romance game where players assume the role of a budding lawyer in the fictional town of Stellis. But darkness lurks behind closed doors and it’s up to the NXX investigative team to bring justice back to light. Tears of Themis is available on Android and iOS in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean. Visit the Tears of Themis official website for more information.

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