Elon Musk is once again the richest man in the world

by Ana Lopez

Well, that was fast.

Elon Musk is now worth $187 billion, according to the latest episode of the Bloomberg Billionaire Indexmaking him the richest man in the world.

Last December, the leader of Space X, Tesla and Twitter was dethroned as the world’s richest man by Bernard Arnault, the French tycoon who owns 48% of fashion company LVMH.

But Musk retook the top spot today, beating Arnault by $2 billion. For those keeping score at home, the third richest man in the world is Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s executive chairman, with a paltry $117 billion.

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A good start to 2023 for Musk

Despite some financial setbacks late last year, including breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest loss of personal fortune ever, Musk has received some good news in recent months.

First, Tesla stock has risen significantly since then decrease almost 70%. Musk also tweeted that Twitter is on track to break even after major losses in 2022.

Musk has also had some legal victories. Last month, Tesla shareholders sued him for making false statements in his 2018 tweets about taking the company private. The jury sided with Musk and cleared him of any wrongdoing.

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