Elon Musk breaks record for losing the most money in history

by Ana Lopez

He is one of the world’s richest people (and sometimes the richest), but billionaire Elon Musk also knows how to lose money – and he breaks records for it.

According to the Guinness Book of World Recordsthe Twitter owner has officially lost the most money of anyone in history — roughly between $182 billion and $200 billion (or more) of his personal fortune as of November 2021.

Musk net value an estimated $187 billion as of Monday afternoon, according to Bloomberg’s Billionaire Index, placing him second among the world’s richest people behind LVMH chairman Bernard Arnault.

Musk was dethroned from the top spot by Arnault last December following Musk’s whiplash purchase of Twitter for an estimated $44 billion, which saw him sell about $15 million worth of his own Tesla stock months earlier to fund the acquisition.

The previous record for most personal fortune loss was held by Japanese investor Masayoshi Son, who set the record in 2000 after losing $58.6 billion in his investments.

Per ForbesMusk’s highest net worth was $320 billion during the peak performance of his companies (particularly Tesla) in 2021, before hitting his low of $138 billion in January.

Tesla is estimated to have fallen in value by more than 65% last year.

However, things are looking good for the electric car company.

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On Monday, the company revealed that deliveries in the first quarter of 2023 were up as much as 35% compared to the same time last year, mainly due to price cuts on the vehicles.

Tesla’s full Q1 earnings are expected to be reported later this month.

Tesla wash downstairs slightly less than 50% year over year as of late Monday afternoon.

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