Elden Ring Boss Order: All mandatory bosses

by Ana Lopez

You may want to know exactly Elder ring boss order for the main bosses, as there’s a mix of mandatory bosses to beat, bosses that are optional depending on how you progress through the game, and outright optional bosses that can be found in every corner of the world. Elder ring is a soul like, so beating bosses is the main draw of the game and there are tons of unique ones to take on in your journey. However, if you just want to know what the Elder ring order boss for the mandatory bosses, we got you covered.

  • We’re also covering all Elden Ring boss locations so you can check out every boss in the game along with their locations.

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Elden Ring Boss Order

Elden Ring Boss Order

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Technically, there are only eight mandatory bosses in it Elder ring, all of which come during the late-game portion, where you encounter multiple bosses in relatively quick succession. However, to reach Leyndell, the royal capital, and begin this part of the game, you must defeat two of the five Shardbearers, who are holding Great Runes.

This means you can get through the whole experience by beating just ten bosses, but you’re likely to beat many more, especially on your first run if you don’t know where to go. We also don’t recommend running through these bosses alone unless you’re in New Game+, as you’ll need to farm runes and get more powerful gear.

Below is the mandatory one Elder ring boss order:

  • Margit, the fallen omen (required to reach Godrick)
  • Godrick the Graft (Shard Carrier)
  • Red Wolf of Radagon (required to reach Rennala)
  • Rennala, queen of the full moon (Shard Carrier)
  • Starscourge Radahn (Shard Carrier)
  • Mohg, Lord of Blood (Shard Carrier)
  • God-devouring serpent/Rykard, lord of blasphemy (Shard Carrier)
  • Godfrey, first Elden Lord
  • Morgott, the Omen King
  • Fire giant
  • Godskin duo
  • Maliketh, the black blade
  • Sir Gideon Ofnir, the Omniscient
  • Godfrey, First Elden Lord / Hoarah Loux, warrior
  • Radagon of the Golden Order/Elden Beast

Now you know the Elder ring boss order for all mandatory bosses, meaning you can work your way through the game as efficiently as possible.

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