Eknath Shinde Vs Uddhav Thackeray: Who will get Shiv Sena’s funds? Shinde group whip will apply to Thackeray group MLAs?

by Ana Lopez

The Thackeray faction has suffered a major setback after the Central Election Commission ruled in favor of the Shinde faction in the ongoing conflict over the Shiv Sena’s party name and party symbol for the past several months. After this it is said that there is still no clarity in many matters related to the working of the party and the Legislative Assembly. Will Shinde group’s whip be applied in the Legislative Assembly or not? Who will distribute the party’s funds? All these questions remain unanswered and all these questions are also controversial.
Even though the Election Commission has given its verdict, many questions remain unanswered at the party level, due to which the two factions are likely to clash once again. A court battle is currently going on. Members of the Thackeray faction have taken a stand that the Shinde faction’s whip cannot be applied to us.
Apart from this, what should be done with the donations and funds received by Shiv Sena? This question is also controversial. Local body elections are due to be held in the state in the next few months, in which the funds will have to be spent in a big way, which is likely to once again cause a dispute between the two groups.

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