Eating sour-sweet grapes can increase lifespan

by Ana Lopez

Swasthya Sudha – Srilekha Yagnik

Let’s know about the health benefits of grapes

The days of winter farewell are counting. The heat is gradually increasing its fury. On the other hand, green sour honey grapes and large black Dibang grapes like Lakhoti are making their presence felt in the fruit market. In Ayurveda one thing is often said ‘draksha phlottam’ which means, among all fruits, grapes are considered to be the best fruit. Grapes are a fruit known as the father of fruits. Hearing the name of the grape, the mouth starts watering. Grape juice, full of sweet and sour juice, is found in every person, young and old. Not one or two, but a fistful is enough to satisfy. Not only humans, but also birds like parrots, sparrows, crows are found to be fond of grapes. There was a time when guava came to mind when the name of parrot was mentioned. New-age parrots prefer to eat juicy grapes instead of guavas. Both black and green grapes are considered beneficial for health. A few years ago black grapes were found to have hard seeds. So many people avoid eating it. Currently, the hybrid grapes available in the market do not contain seeds at all. Also its bark is thin. Because of which, there is no possibility of the problem of burning of pickles after eating it. Grapes are used to make dried grapes, juice jam, jelly and high quality wine. Along with being juicy to eat, grapes contain a wealth of nutritional properties. Along with anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial properties, poly-phenolic phytochemicals compounds play an important role in maintaining health. A research done on grapes reveals that consumption of grapes increases the lifespan of a person.

Stops cancer cells from growing
Grape seeds contain antioxidants called resveratrol and anti-inflammatory substances called quercetin. Which is known as anti-cancer property. Consuming grapes can prevent prostate, breast and lung cancer cells from growing.
Beneficial in heart disease related distress
Consuming grapes can prevent the risk of heart attack. The reason for this is that black grape juice contains an anti-oxidant called orostilvane. which controls the amount of nitric acid in the blood. Due to which the blood clot decreases. Chances of heart attack are reduced. Grapes contain lipoproteins like quercetin, anti-inflammatory, flavonoids, polyphenols. It helps in controlling the amount of bad cholesterol i.e. LDL in the blood. Black grapes are also said to be as useful as pills taken to prevent heart disease. Grapes are low in sodium and high in potassium. Due to which heart related diseases can be avoided.
Beneficial in constipation
Consuming grapes, which are rich in fiber and glucose, helps in strengthening the digestive system. Organic acid, cellulose, and polyose sattva present in grapes are useful in constipation, indigestion, stomach inflammation, vomiting or gas problems after frequent meals by toning the stomach. Constipation can be relieved by drinking grape juice mixed with pinch of cinnamon and pepper powder.

Gives a person instant energy
The amount of fructose and glucose in grapes is easily absorbed into the blood. Due to which the energy level in the body is felt to have increased within a short time after consuming grapes. Consuming grapes is beneficial when feeling tired or weak in the body.
Beneficial for brightness of eyes
In today’s scenario, every person is seen to be constantly mobile. They may not even realize that being busy with mobile constantly damages one’s eyes. Antioxidants gluten and xanthine present in grapes help keep eyes healthy. A dose of vitamin ‘A’ prevents night vision problems. A spoonful of grape juice sprinkled in the eye got rid of the problem related to eye disease
Beneficial in diabetes
Grapes contain an anti-oxidant called hydrostilvane. Which works to reduce the amount of sugar in the blood. Consuming grapes of different colors 2-3 times a week reduces the risk of type-2 diabetes by 70 percent.

Raito of grapes
A bowl of green and black grape pieces, two grams of curd, two spoons of sugar, salt to taste, one spoon of roasted cumin seeds, a pinch of chaat masala, one green chilli finely chopped, two spoons of coriander-mint leaves for garnishing.
Preparation: Take curd in a bowl. Mix sugar in it and roll it. Mix Sanchal, roasted cumin powder, chaat masala as per taste. Mix the grapes of both colors and gently stir them with your hands. Serve garnished with coriander-mint green leaves and green chillies. Delicious raitu cools the body in hot weather.

Effective in controlling blood pressure
Grapes are relatively low in sodium. Which helps in controlling high blood pressure. A person suffering from high blood pressure can consume grapes. Green or black grapes are considered more beneficial for health? Usually the above question arises in the mind of every person. So let’s know about the benefits of grapes: Black grapes contain good amounts of potassium, magnesium, calcium and vitamin C. While green grapes contain good amounts of protein, fiber, carbs, vitamin C and vitamin K. Black and green grapes differ only in color. Black grapes are high in anthocyanins. Also, the quantity of colorful chemicals is high. The quality of black grapes is found to be better than green grapes. Both types of grapes contain cholesterol-controlling benefits. Hence both types of grapes are considered healthy. Consuming both grapes in season according to one’s choice can provide health benefits.

Beneficial for asthma patients
Mostly asthmatic patients have difficulty in breathing during night time in winter. Grapes relieve it. The main reason for this is that the magnesium present in grapes helps in controlling muscle contractions. Applying one drop of ripe grape juice in both eyes relieves eye diseases. A

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