Easy Deathrun Codes For Fortnite (January 2023) – Maps For Noobs!

by Ana Lopez

While most Deathrun maps should be quite difficult, many players want to take it easy and warm up their skills before playing extreme maps. Easy deathruns are generally not advertised in the Discovery tab, so we’ve put together a list of super easy Deathrun codes that are great if you’re a beginner, basic or noob! These maps also contain some basics that you should know if you’re attempting some of the more difficult deathruns.

Deathruns is one of the most popular creative games in Fortnite for map makers. Some of them love to torture their players with excruciating effort in their deathruns, perhaps for the sake of the dead while they run. Our code list below combats that idea by providing fun deathrun maps without painstaking issues. If you want to relax and make deathruns a casual and social experience, you’ve come to the right place!

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Best Fortnite Easy Deathrun Card Codes

200 Levels Simple Deathrun

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

200 Level Easy Deathrun Card Code: 0785-1940-5428

This Deathrun map from Stealthzz is one of the best beginner-friendly maps on the whole list. All 200 levels have a simple linear approach with no vertical style map design. Most of the skills you’d use would be jumping and sliding, with few areas requiring crouching. Collect the Fortnite coins along the way and time the run to compare with your friends.

D.F. Death Run

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DF Deathrun Card Code: 0572-9669-1922

Birra’s DF Deathrun is a simple deathrun card designed and based on Asian culture. As a result, the entire map is filled with various artifacts and objects related to Asia. Be it the Chinese lantern or the prayer altar, everything resembles and appropriately reflects Asian culture. Speaking of the gameplay, like most easy maps, DF also only requires basic movement mechanics like sliding, jumping, and parkouring to complete the long single level.

The Grinch Deathrun 100 levels

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DF Deathrun Card Code: 4408-0908-3987

The Grinch Deathrun is a simple deathrun card based on the Christmas and holiday theme. Like any other easy deathrun map, the stages in Grinch Deathrun are quite simple in design and have a very linear structure. You can beat almost the entire game in 30 to 40 minutes using basic Fortnite movement skills. We recommend the Grinch Deathrun for players who want theme-based simple deathrun maps to match the mood of the season.

100 Level Easy Parkour

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100 Level Easy Parkour Card Code: 4807-9925-7290

This is a pleasant walk on a parkour map that has all the standards you’d expect: 100 levels, easy challenges, and a clear path. Add to that the fact that it was created as a parkour challenge (it includes sprinting and cloaking), and you’ve got all the elements you need for the perfect easy deathrun. It’s no wonder this game appeared on the Fortnite Creative browsing tab shortly after its release!

Glass bridge

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Map code glass bridge: 1890-3900-1823

While it’s debatable whether this game is easy or not, we wanted it to get a special mention here because of its simple concept: a deathrun where you have to rely on luck to jump from one end of the room to the other. other. Inspired by the Squid Game series, most players will recognize the similarity: you start on one side and must take a 50/50 chance with each jump. One option leads to elimination and the other only brings you closer to the end.

180+ levels Deathrun Easy and funny

180+ Levels Deathrun Easy and Funny Card Code: 6754-0507-7947

While some people play easy deathruns because they want a casual experience to enjoy with their friends, some use them to set the best records and give other players a reason to join. This map is the second map we’ve featured from the developer R15_Lestremon, and it works great for both purposes. If you’re up for a challenge, try beating the record in the video above. Otherwise, start your dive into the world of Deathruns with this casual experience – the way it was meant to be!

350+ Levels Deathrun Easy

350+ Levels Deathrun Easy Map Code: 1387-7831-4752

If you’re looking for a deathrun card that’s easy and occasionally funny, you’ll definitely like this card R15_Lestremon. At the beginning of the map you can buy items to help you, but only if you earn enough coins! This adds some replayability to the map, as you can use special tools in each round that help you finish faster or slow down someone racing against you!

350+ Parkour fun run

350+ Parkour Fun Run Card Code: 1387-7831-4752

This map was created by popular YouTuber CanDook, who appears on this and many other Fortnite code lists we have. Parkour Fun Run emphasizes the laid-back and social aspects of playing Fortnite Creative as it features over 350 levels with easy jumps and simple puzzles. It also has many secrets for you to discover and even challenges players to unlock achievements!

300+ Levels Easy Deathrun

300+ Level Simple Deathrun Card Code: 2447-4493-5934

Anyone who plays Deathruns more for social interaction than competition will tell you that the longer the deathrun is, the more fun it is. You can easily spend hours completing small challenges while having fun with your friends in this simple deathrun with over 300 levels. You don’t have to make a competition to race to the end – it’s all about the journey on this fun map.

Standard Deathrun of 200 levels

Default 200 level Deathrun map code: 3603-5932-1967

This is a new Deathrun map that came out during Chapter 3 Season 1, so it’s built to include all the fun new mechanics in the game. It was so well designed that it ended up on Epic’s Picks list. This map contains 10 themes of 20 levels each, ranging from a Wild West theme to a Winter Wonderland!

Standard Deathrun of 80 levels

Default 80 level Deathrun map code: 4706-1344-5954

Short, powerful and to the point. Standard 80 Level Deathrun is a high quality easy challenge that offers you standard deathrun mechanics and does not contain overly difficult challenges. This deathrun is the perfect map to play with friends over a casual chat instead of outrunning and outsmarting them. If you’re new to deathrun game mechanics or just want to brush up on your reflexes, this is the best card for you.

Standard Deathrun of 120 levels

120 Levels Standard Deathrun Map Code: 1236-8657-4920

If you’ve completed the 80-level deathrun above, you’ll want to give Apfel’s 120 Level Default Deathrun a try. The challenge rating will not be increased, but it will add more levels for players to improve their skills in the classic creative game mode. Apfel is a well known card maker who has made over 100 cards, so you know they have the experience and ability to create high quality cards that deliver exactly what they say they will.

Fall Guys Standard Death Run

Fall Guys Default Deathrun Map Code: 4064-4388-1056

Fall Guys has taken the world by storm and is quite a popular game among just about everyone who has access to it. If you haven’t gotten a chance to play it yet, then you can give this Fall Guys themed deathrun a shot that will at least give you a taste of what you’re missing.

How to enter Fortnite Easy Deathrun codes

You need a code to play any Fortnite map published in Creative or Playground mode. This allows you to play that card with other players. You can quickly enter Fortnite Deathtun codes.

fortnite island code
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  1. Enter the game. In Fortnite Lobby, press the Discovery button in the top left corner.
  2. Click the Creatively section.
  3. Type the Prop Hunt code in the code box.
  4. Press Enter to confirm the card selection.
  5. Return to the lobby and press Play to start game mode.

If you want, you can enter Fortnite Deathrun codes in-game. Go to any island in the Welcome Hub, enter the code and the map will be accessible.

What are Fortnite Death Runs?

A Fortnite deathrun is a type of map where your goal is to reach the end of the map by jumping over, through, or around traps. Most deathruns have hundreds of levels, each taking just a few seconds to complete. They can be considered puzzles since you generally have to come up with a method to get around the obstacle, but players usually think of deathruns as a good way to show off your parkour or maneuverability in Fortnite.

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