Driving a new car for an hour and a half straight? Be careful…

by Ana Lopez

If you also usually park your car in the sun or in the open for several days, traveling in such a car increases your risk of developing cancer. This matter was studied by experts from America and China. According to experts, formaldehyde found in disinfectants, pesticides and gas stoves is also found in cars.

Formaldehyde levels inside cars in China were found to be 35 percent higher than the National Safety Unit, while acetaldehyde levels were found to be 61 percent higher. Acetaldehyde is a class-2 carcinogen. Benzene is found in paint, petrol and cigarettes, which can damage a driver’s lungs. Even if you drive a new car for too long, gasoline is dangerous. For this reason, the person sitting in the back seat of the car is not harmed as much.

Each new car carries an incremental lifetime cancer risk due to the various biological substances. If this ILCR level is normal between 10-6, but between 10-6 and 10-4, it increases the risk of developing cancer. If this level is greater than 10-4, this risk increases further. Experts said this study was conducted in all seasons, including hot sun, rain.

The study also found that if a taxi driver traveled in a car for 11 hours and a passenger for an hour and a half, the hazardous substances in the air entered the body through the skin and breathing.
What can you do to avoid this?

Before this, a similar study was conducted in California. In which it was stated that if a new car is driven for 2-minutes, there is a large amount of exposure to benzene and formaldehyde in the car. Those who drive a car for long periods of time are at increased risk of this exposure.
To avoid this, drive the new car on alternate days if possible. Keep buying second hand cars instead of new ones. Last but not the list it is more imperative to use public transport instead of private vehicles.

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