Don’t google these five things by mistake…

by Ana Lopez

Google is the most popular search engine today and many of us take refuge in Googlebaba to know or understand anything. But still there are some things that search on Google can be overwhelming and today we are going to tell you here about some of the same things that you can search on Google not only but this kind of content search on Google. You can even go to jail for doing it.
How can a bomb or explosive be made?
Many times people search on Google for things or things that don’t make any sense but still Googling about it can be overwhelming. Like how to make a bomb? Don’t mistakenly search for anything like this on Google. These activities are monitored by cyber cells and security agencies can take action against you, which may even land you in jail.
To take private photos and videos
Leaking private photos or videos of any person on social media or Google is also considered a serious crime. Because of which you may also get jail bars, so don’t do it by mistake.
How can an abortion be done?
Searching on Google about abortion methods also falls under the criminal offense category. So avoid doing this. According to Indian law, abortion cannot be done without a doctor’s advice.
Child porn
Indian government has made very strict laws against child pornography. Searching, viewing or sharing child porn on Google is a crime and can land you in trouble. If you violate this law, you can also go to jail.
Movie piracy
Leaking a film online before its release is also considered a crime. If you also leak or download a movie or web series online in this way, it is a big crime. Violating this Government of India Act can punish you with 3 years in jail and a fine of Rs 10,000.

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