Do you buy plastic water bottles? So know this, if 1 is written, throw it away immediately

by Ana Lopez

If you go to buy bottles for drinking water, you will find most of the options in plastic. People are indiscriminately buying plastic bottles etc without thinking how harmful it is for their health. But the biggest question is how to know which plastic is hazardous to health and how much is suitable. Well… worry no more because today we are going to tell you some codes that will help you know which number of plastic bottles you should buy and which ones you shouldn’t. Bought..know the meaning of these numbers

If on your plastic bottle 3 Or 7 If the number is written, it means that this plastic contains harmful elements like BPA. When you look carefully, you will see a number written in a triangular shape on the back of the box. You have to look and know this number while buying. If the number on the back of your plastic bottle 1 If written, it means that you can use this container only once. If you want to buy a reusable bottle, you should look for the number on the back of the bottle. 2, 4, 5 Is or not. You can reuse plastic bottles with this number. This is considered safe. On the other hand, if the number on the plastic bottle 3, 6, 7 If written, you should avoid using such cartons.

What does it mean if it says PET or PETE? This code will be found on most plastic bottles used in the home. It is a common grade quality plastic, mostly used in bottles and plastic boxes. Be it a cold drink or water bottle… even the plastic boxes and bottles filled with groceries arrive at your home, these codes are also visible. However, prolonged use of bottles with this code may be harmful to your health.

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