Devotional video: How did Holi-Dhuleti begin? Know 5 interesting stories related to Holi-Dhuleti! Watch video – How did Holi-Dhuleti start Know 5 interesting stories related to Holi-Dhuleti

by Ana Lopez

The occasion of Holi-Dhuleti means the occasion of being without hypocrisy and getting wet. On this occasion we would like to tell you the stories of the origin of Holi-Dhuleti. These are stories that many people are unaware of.

Bin kaltal pakhavaj bajai, anahdaki jhankar re.

Bin Sur Raag Chattisoon Gavai, Rom Rom Rankar Re.

Seal Santokhki Kesar Gholi, Prem Preet Pichkar Re.

The flying gulal is red, the fear is amber, the rainy color is immense.

Hey, colors are flying not only in the sky, but also in the hearts of the youth. And why not, the forums are going on and the occasion of Holi-Dhuleti means the opportunity to get wet without hypocrisy. On this occasion we would like to tell you the stories of the origin of Holi-Dhuleti. These are stories that many people are unaware of. So today we will know five stories of Holi.

Many stories of Holi-Dhuleti!

We consider the festival of Holi as a symbol of the victory of the divine element over the demonic element. Some people worship Holi with this same belief. And the next day plays with colors. At this time we remember the unwavering faith of devotee Prahlad towards Srihari. But, in fact, many stories are associated with the development of Holi-Dhuleti apart from devotee Prahlad. These are stories that we all know. But, hardly people realize that it is related to Holi. Let’s talk about it in detail.

The first story – the story of devotee Prahlad

While we are talking about the various stories related to Holi, let us start with the most popular story. This story is the story of devotee Prahlada’s unique devotion. Bhavisiparva of Sriharivamsha Mahapurana contains stories about incarnations of Srihari. In which Holika is mentioned in the story related to Narasimha avatar. According to it, Holika was blessed by Brahma that fire would never burn her. And the same boon received by Holika was availed by her brother Asuraraj Hiranyakashipu.

Hiranyakashipu pleased Brahma and obtained the boon of being invulnerable by gods, demons, humans or animals, by weapons or weapons, day or night. And by obtaining this boon, he established dominion over the three worlds. He asked people to worship himself and banned the worship of other gods and goddesses. But, like a lotus blossoming in the mud, his own son Prahlad turned out to be a great devotee of Srihari. Click on the video below to find out what happened next.

Another story – the story of Holika’s lover Ilogi

Rajasthan means the state of colors and Holi here is the most colorful Holi. There are many legends about Holi in Rajasthan. One of which is the story of Devta Ilogi. The story of Dhuleti Parva, celebrated on the second day of Holi, is connected with mythology. And the story of Ilogi is connected with Holika. According to legend, Ilogi was Holika’s lover. Both love each other very much. Ilogi’s form and colors were such that even the gods paled in front of him. People considered him to be the true form of Cupid. Holika was also beautiful like a nymph and the marriage of both was fixed. But, before their marriage, a terrible incident happened. What was the event? Click on the video below to know.

The third story – the story of Putna Vadh

Srimadbhagavata Mahapurana as well as Vishnupurana mentions the death of son. According to this story, only 6 days old Kanaya killed a giant demon. You must know this story. But, do you know that the story of Holi celebration is connected with Putna Vadh? Click on the video below to know this story.

The fourth story – the story of King Raghu

The most interesting story related to Holi is found in Uttar Parva of Bhavishi Purana. This northern part of Bhavishi Purana is known as Bhavishotatta Purana. According to this story, Yudhishthira himself asked Shri Krishna the reason for celebrating Holi. And then Shri Krishna tells him the story of King Raghu’s kingdom. In fact, the same story is more similar to today’s Holi practice. Click on the video below to know this story.

The fifth story – the story of Kamadeva’s burning

A story of Devadhidev Mahadev is also connected with Holi. Which is very different from the popular beliefs of Holi. According to folklore, after the death of Sati, Devadhidev Mahadev became immersed in akhand vairagya and sadhana. Goddess Sati reincarnated as Parvati to unite with Shivaji. Parvati’s marriage was successful. But, the samadhi of Shivaji was not released. The gods requested Kamadeva that he should now be the cause of Shiva-Parvati’s union. Finally, Kamadeva, thinking “I can do this”, shot the ‘kama’ arrow at Maheshwar. Mahadev’s third eye opened and Kamadeva himself was consumed in it. The ‘Kama’ who tried to awaken Maheshwar’s ‘Kama’ itself turned into ashes.

Kama’s wife Rati started lamenting this incident. Mahadev’s anger subsided. His heart melted and he revived Kamadeva. In Indian states like Andhra Pradesh – Tamil Nadu, the occasion of Holi is celebrated only as a symbol of Kamdev Dahan. It symbolically burns lustful attraction. Then on the next day people celebrate Dhuleti Parva by flying colors and celebrating the life of Cupid who is free from alcohol and has pure love.

(Note: The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, which have no scientific basis. This article is presented here keeping in mind the general public interest.)

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