Death penalty for stabbing girl 36 times

by Ana Lopez

The Jetpur Sessions Court has given death sentence to Jayesh Saravaiya, who killed a girl named Srishti in the year 2021 in Jetalsar, Gujarat with 36 wounds. When Srishti was studying in 11th standard, Jayesh was in love with her. He used to follow her to school. Srishti informed the parents as he was being harassed. The father scolded Jayesh, but Jayesh did not improve.

He was also forcing Srishti to marry. When Srishti kept saying no, one day he came to her house. At that time Srishti’s parents had gone to work. Siblings were at home. Jayesh inflicted 36 wounds on Srishti’s body and bled her brother Harsh too. Harsh got out and got stuck on the road. Jayesh walked out on the public road with bloody clothes and a knife in his hand and three days later the police caught him and sent him to jail. Harsha survived, but Srishti died.

The entire village was satisfied when the court sentenced him today. Srishti’s mother collapsed in the court yard. The public prosecutor said that this was not a single but a serious incident like 36 lives were taken by 36 wounds.

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