Davos 2022 Jet Emissions Match CO2 Emissions of 350,000 Cars

by Ana Lopez

The use of private jets resulted in a quadrupling of emissions as 1,040 aircraft traveled to and from airports in Davos, Switzerland, for the World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in 2022. reports the Guardian.

Ludovic Marin | Getty Images

Dutch environmental consultancy CE Delft calculated that the increase in private jets flying in and out of Davos had led to a significant increase in carbon dioxide emissions. Activity at Davos during the WEF 2022 meeting was twice as high as in a normal week – equivalent to the production of 350,000 cars over the same period.

The report comes as political and business leaders once again prepare to meet in Davos next week, which is likely to spark another significant increase in emissions.

Klara Schenk is part of Greenpeace’s European mobility campaign. She told the Guardian that even as the rich and powerful “swarm to Davos to discuss climate and inequality behind closed doors, using the most unequal and polluting mode of transport”, much of “Europe is experiencing its warmest January days ever and communities all over the world are grappling with extreme weather events fueled by the climate crisis.”

The Guardian has more on the contradiction between the purpose behind Davos and the rampant use of private jets:

The 2023 WEF meeting has a self-declared goal of tackling the climate crisis and other “ongoing crises”, and has called for “bold collective action”. Private jet flights are not regulated in the EU, but are the most polluting mode of transport per passenger [kilometer].

Schenk implored leaders to refrain from using private jets. She pointed out that most people on Earth “have never flown.” Yet they are still affected by “the consequences of climate-damaging aviation emissions”.

According to Schenk, while the WEF is committed to the Paris climate target, “this annual private jet bonanza is an unsavory masterclass in hypocrisy.”

“Private jets should be a thing of the past,” said Schenk, “if we want to have a green, just and safe future for all.”

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