Dabloon Tiktok – cat, bank and origin

by Ana Lopez

Welcome traveler, you look rather tired. You’ve seen a lot on your internet trawl today, so let us take you around the wonderful world of dabloon TikTok. Whether you’re curious about the origins of the 4 Dabloon Cat, want to add up your savings in a dabloon banking app, or just want to understand what exactly dabloon TikTok is, we are here to help.

Of course, you’ll need the app before you can get involved in the economy, so be sure to check out our TikTok download guide if you need help getting started. We also have lists of the best mobile RPGs and the best visual novel games if you want to continue your adventure in another realm.

Dabloon TikTok

What is Dabloon TikTok?

TikTok dabloons (also written as doubloons) are essentially an imaginary currency based on the 16th century. Spanish currency, the doubloon. Through a loosely structured site-wide role-playing game, you can earn and trade dabloons for imaginary items, from a simple bowl of stew to an attack helicopter or a cottage.

The black cat with 4 dabloons holding a dabloon on a treasure map, with a collection of dabloons in the background

How do I earn dabloons?

The main way to earn dabloons is to come across a TikTok that gives you them. The most common way to capture them is through “welcome traveler” videos, which often feature the black “4 Dabloons Cat,” awarding a random number of dabloons to anyone who watches. Anyone can create a TikTok by gifting their chosen number of dabloons to their viewers, although some people follow a set of dabloon laws that only allow a certain amount to be spent…But we’re not going to make this more difficult than it needs to be is his.

Going out in search of dabloons is considered cheating – you should rely solely on the algorithm and your FYP to bless you with these shiny little beauties. And while nothing really stops you from cheating, in a game like this you are the only person who would really cheat on you.

An illustration of a ginger cat shilling dabloons

What is the origin of dabloon TikTok?

The dabloon economy all started with a cat meme (because this is the internet, so of course it started with a cat meme) featuring a kitten’s outstretched paw, captioned “four dabloons.” After the Instagram page @catz.jpeg originally posted in April 2021, the ‘4 Dabloons Cat’ memes started spreading across platforms, with the r/4dabloons subreddit launching on May 1, 2021.

The ‘4 Dabloons Cat’ meme appears to have reached TikTok in mid-2021. The first known TikTok of this trend comes from user jack.lcrwho covered up the dabloon cat meme while pretending to dig for dabloons on a beach.

However, the dabloon economy doesn’t seem to have come into circulation until October 2022, when TikTokers started using the photo slideshow feature to post videos featuring imaginary situations. These scenarios addressed the viewer as “traveller,” implying they are tired or hungry from their long journey across the Internet, and offer them an item such as a hamburger or a bowl of fresh stew in exchange for dabloons.

From here, the trend continued to grow into what has become a frankly delightful site-wide game of make-believe, all revolving around a silly cat with a soaked foot and a ton of imaginary coins. To find out more, be sure to check out the details Know your meme TikTok Dabloons page.

Who is the Dabloon cat?

As mentioned above, the dabloon cat is at the heart of the dabloon economy, but there are more than one cat that carries this trend in their paws. The first dabloon cat technically owns this adorable dainty paw:

The original dabloon cat meme, featuring a kitten's paw with toes outstretched and the caption

Though the most recognizable feline icon is the black “4 Dabloons Cat,” the fuzzy kitten holding up a wet paw, with its four toe beans stretched out (probably soaked from dipping into that suspicious fish tank in the background).

The 4 dabloons cat meme with a black cat holding up its outstretched paw and the caption

However, plenty of other Dabloon cats have popped up since the trend took off, from the wide-eyed shop assistant kitty @aventuredabloon.cattzto the highly detailed (and slightly disturbing) illustration of the red cat holding a coin.

Where can I find a Dabloon banking app?

Of course, it can be a pain to keep your abundant dabloons under control when you’re trawling through your FYP. Fortunately, you can download a dabloon banking app to keep track of your incoming and outgoing coins.

How to download dabloon bank iOS

The best dabloon bank we’ve found on iOS is Dabloon Tracker, which lets you record all the dabloon transactions you make — whether you’ve gotten some from a friendly wizard, spent some on a useful item, or if there’s any some of yours have been stolen by a brutal dabloon thief.

How to download Dabloon Tracker on iOS:

How to download dabloon bank for android

For Android, we use Dabloon Counter as our Dabloon Bank. Dabloon Counter offers an easy-to-use calculator that allows you to add or remove dabloons from your account, and an inventory where you can list and make notes about all the items you’ve collected along the way. There is also a dabloon raffle feature, where you can win dabloons or items in exchange for watching ads.

How to download Dabloon Counter on Android:

  • Go to the Dabloon counter page in Google Play
  • Press install
  • Start counting your dabloons and transactions!

And that’s all you need to know about the dabloon trend sweeping through TikTok. If you’ve got the dabloon song stuck in your head and want to dive into a new game, check out our My Singing Monsters breeding guide and My Singing Monsters monster list.

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