Crack CBSE 10th class paper on first day

by Ana Lopez

Chandrapur: CBSE 10th class started with English exam from Monday. In the very first paper, there was a mistake in the option of one of the questions, and the students had to face a lot of confusion.
The question was, who was Mr. Kissing? There is a clear answer in the book that he was a mathematics teacher. However, as there was no such option in the paper, the students were put in a lot of trouble.
In the English paper of CBSE 10th exam, in the question on literature of section C, the question was who was Mr. Kissing. Under it four options were given namely English Teacher, Social Science Teacher, Warden and Principal. Actually Mr. Kissing was a mathematics teacher should have been answered in the option, but that answer was not given in the option.
When a CBSE school teacher was asked about this, he said that there was a flaw in the paper. This question had a mark. The students who skipped this question should get one mark, it was demanded by the students.

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