Coin Master Spins – December 18 Left

by Ana Lopez

Want more for free Coin Master is running? Then you’ve come to the right place. Every day here at Gamezebo we are going to provide you with the latest Coin Master free spin links so you can start playing instead of scouring the internet for freebies.

That’s why we recommend bookmarking this page and coming back every day. That way you never miss a free gift.

Why are the free spins so important? Well, every day Coin Master developer Moon Active rewards you with a handful of links that provide you with spins, coins and more. All you need to do to get them is install Coin Master on your phone and click on one of the links below. Easy.

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Coin Master Spins – Active Links

Coin Master free spin links typically stay active for three days, so we will always list links for the two days leading up to the current date. All links from the previous days have expired, which is why you won’t see them on this page. We will remove them to save you time and effort.

December 18

December 17

December 16

December 15

December 14

December 13th

12 December

December 11

December 10

December 9

December 8

December 7

December 6

5th of December

Dec 4

December 3

December 2

December 1st

November 30

November 29

November 28

November 27

November 26

November 25th

November 24

November 23

November 22

November 21st

November 20th

November 19

November 18

November 17

November 16

November 15

November 14

November 13

November 12

November 11

November 10

November 9

November 8

November 7th

November 6

November 5

the 4th of November

November 3

November 2nd

November 1st

October 31st

30 October

29 October

October 28

October 27

26th of October

the 24th of October

October 23

21st of October

October 20

19 October

October 18th

October 17

October 16

October 15

How do I get more Coin Master Spins?

That’s easy! Just bookmark this page and come back every day to get your hands on the latest free spins. We’ll keep it updated to make sure you don’t have to go anywhere else for your daily freebies.

However, if you want another option, we recommend following Coin Master Facebook and Twittersince you can get the links directly from there.

Here are a few more methods to get Coin Master free spins:

Add friends

Every time you invite a friend to play you get a bunch of Coin Master spins for free. You can also send and receive spins from each other on a daily basis, so maxing out your friends list with regular players will give you access to a bunch of extra free spins per day.

Login every day

Every day you log in you receive free rewards. These can range from coins to chests and, yes, free spins! Playing every day is the best advice here.

Card sets

Every time you complete a card set you get a bunch of free spins. This is easier said than done as maps are quite hard to come by. Usually they’re a gacha-like reward from chests, but you can also get them through trading – there are plenty of groups to make that easier on Facebook.

What we do recommend is taking part in a Set Blast event, which will give you more cards than usual. Good luck!

Raise your village

Every time you level up in your village, you get a nice amount of coins that you can use to spin the wheel. If you have enough coins you can fly through some village levels in a short time and earn some free spins without even trying.

Bonus wheel

Every day you can spin the bonus wheel to give you free stuff. Usually these are coins, but you can get a lot of them. What can you spend it on? Village upgrades. And, as we mentioned above, leveling up your village gives you spins.

Check the store

Be sure to check the store every day to see if Moon Active is giving away something for free. Occasionally this may include spins. That’s like the least effort option possible.

Frequently Asked Questions about CoinMaster

Now we will answer some frequently asked questions about Coin Master. These cover how the game works, free to play aspects and what kind of rewards you can expect from the free spins links.

What is CoinMaster?

Coin Master is a free slot game that challenges you to spin for coins to spend on leveling up your village. You then do this again countless times until you are at the top of the leaderboard and have beaten all your friends.

It’s not just village building, though. You can also collect a wide variety of pets, cards and more and show your collection to all your friends. Cards are hard to come by, but there is a fun way to trade cards.

Isn’t Coin Master already free?

Yes, you can download Coin Master for free, but like most free mobile games, there is a wide selection of items that you can buy with your hard-earned real money. If you want to progress quickly and compete with your friends, you may feel encouraged to spend some money.

However, if you’re committed to getting these free spins every day, and you’re not too concerned about being the best, then you don’t need to spend any money. You can just enjoy the game for what it is.

Should I Use Coin Master Cheats?

While many sites promise that you can use free cheats to fast forward, we strongly advise against doing so. Not only are you exposing yourself to viruses or scams if these cheats even work, you may end up getting banned and losing all progress on your account.

Instead, just play every day, grab your free links and enjoy the ride. That’s our recommendation.

How do I get Coin Master free coins?

If you’ve used our daily links above, you’ve probably noticed that you’ve been showered with coins and free spins. That’s right – Moon Active regularly gives away free coins as part of the daily links, so you can just redeem them every day if you find yourself short on coins.

Otherwise, the best way to get coins is by spinning, which is where our free spins links come in.

What about free Coin Master cards?

Well, that’s a bit trickier since cards don’t tend to show up as rewards from the daily links. Instead, we recommend buying chests when you have excess coins if you want a steady stream of cards.

However, it’s best to do this when an event is running, especially events that increase the chance of dropping a rare card. Experiment and see how you progress.

Do Coin Master 50 Spin Links Exist?

Absolute! They don’t appear as often as the other types of links, but once a week or so, Moon Active is kind enough to give you a 50 spins link. So the best way to get them is to bookmark this page and check back regularly to make sure you’re giving yourself the best chance.

What about Coin Master 40 Spin Links?

Yes! Like the 50 spin links we mentioned above, occasionally 40 spin links drop. However, these are much rarer than a 50 spins link. Usually you can expect a 50 spins link once or twice a week, while a 40 spins link can last weeks or even months without dropping.

Are there bigger spin links?

There are, but these are even rarer than 40 spin links. We’ve seen these drop as part of special occasions in the game like anniversaries, but on rare occasions they just drop in the same way as a 40 or 50 spin link.

But that will do for our Coin Master spins guide. Make sure to play the game by clicking the link at the top of this page, check out our related guides linked in the third paragraph, and bookmark this page to come back for your daily fixes.

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